Acorn - Looking for a home!

Wild Rabbit
Young Adult
More Info:

A single young girl looking for company and comfort x

Acorn is a sweet little wild rabbit that came to the shelter as a stray. Even though she looks like a wild rabbit she is definitely not wild and is quite affectionate towards people she knows. We believe she may be a hand-rear that could be part domesticated that may have been released as she does not mind being picked up and handled and doesn't display normal wild rabbit behaviour. 

She is a very patient and well behaved rabbit but she also has her crazy moments and loves to roam our corridors when given the chance! Acorn loves her toys and you can often find her playing with them, especially if there are treats inside! She does take time to warm up to people but once she has she is very loving.

Acorn currently lives alone and is happy on her own whilst entertained but she could do with a friend, so if you have another rabbit that may benefit from a female friend, please consider Acorn!

My ideal home is;

  • Large area with explorative areas
  • Indoor or Outdoor living
  • Experience with handling ideal but not necessary
  • Okay with older children
  • Unsure if okay with other animals
Acorn has been at the shelter since September 2020.

Acorn - Looking for a home!
Acorn - Looking for a home!