Anise, Brandy, Clementine, Clove

Domestic Rabbit
Born October 2019
More Info:

Anise, Brandy, Clementine and Clove, the silbings that would love to stay together!

These beautiful baby bunnies came into the shelter just before Christmas as an accidental litter. They are 3 girls and 1 boy, currently seperated until he is neutered. They are a lovely bunch who just need some time getting used to handling and interaction. They love exploring their big boxes and the girls love to cuddle up close in their bed.

As they were only born in October we are still waiting for them to be neutered and hoping Brandy will move back in with his sisters with no problem. Due to their current small size we do not know when they will be big and strong enough to go through with this operation. However they are still available to be reserved for a loving home! Ideally we would like them all to go together or in pairs.

Our ideal home is;

  • Indoor/Outdoor living
  • Large space with plenty of explorative areas
  • Some experience ideal
  • Handling experience ideal
  • Cuddles and lots of fun is a must!

We have been at the shelter since December 2019.

Anise, Brandy, Clementine, Clove
Anise, Brandy, Clementine, Clove
Anise, Brandy, Clementine, Clove