Arthur - Looking for a home

Domestic Rabbit
Young adult
More Info:

This young boy needs a loving patient owner!

Arthur is a cross breed rabbit with a hidden loving side. He can be a cheeky boy and can be fussy with who he likes. He loves having his own space and can feel intimidated if he does not know you. He loves chewing anything he can get his paws on! Arthur loves being outdoors as he can see everything going on around him and he can be found often sitting outside especially on a breezy day.

He does need an owner who will take time in getting to know him and his ways. He is a young buck who prefers not to be held, however we would love for him to find a partner and a loving home.

My ideal/suitable home is;

  • Outdoor living only
  • Large space with plenty of explorative areas
  • Experienced owner
  • No children
  • Ideally to be paired with a female
He has been at the shelter since January 2019.

Arthur - Looking for a home