Butterscotch and Jemima - Looking for a home

Domestic Rabbit
More Info:

A lovely newlywed pair looking for a forever home.

These young newlyweds were paired together earlier this year and they are totally in love with each other.

Sadly, earlier this year, Butterscotch lost his brother and Jemima was a great comfort to him in the following days. Jemima was quite a grumpy character as she was a single girl out for destruction, due to an uneasy start in life. However, Butterscotch was greifing for his brother and Jemima knew he needed a friend. 

This was a blessing in disguise for both of them as they both changed characted when they were together, he became himself once more and Jemima really turned into a soppy loving rabbit after finding love herself.

Ever since these two have been put together, they are always seen playing, relaxing and exploring together. Butterscotch loves to play with his toys, especially milk cartons, whereas Jemima loves to eat greenies, her favourite being parsley!  

Our ideal/suitable home is;


  • Outdoor living
  • Large area with plenty of explorative areas
  • No children
  • Limited handling
We have been at the shelter since May 2018 (Butterscotch) and June 2018 (Jemima).


 Butterscotch and Jemima - Looking for a home
 Butterscotch and Jemima - Looking for a home
 Butterscotch and Jemima - Looking for a home