Butterscotch - Looking for a home!

Agouti X
Born 2018
More Info:

A boisterous bachelor who needs a home!

Butterscotch has been at the shelter for a very long time and he has not had it very easy. He was born here at the GSPCA in 2018 and lived with his brother Cinnamon Roll for almost a year until he sadly got ill and passed away. By chance, he happened to get on well with his bunny neighbour Jemima whilst he was grieving and then soon fell in love. Unfortunately, after a good year together, they both had a fight and had to be separated. He now lives in his own bachelor pad and seems to be doing okay alone.

We believe Butterscotch might be best with a friend but it would be a very long and patient road as he can be a bit defensive when meeting new rabbits as well as people! He will need a girl who can stand up for herself when needs be but also love to be as active as he is. However, given the right environment, Butterscotch will probably be okay living alone.

He loves to live outside and is usually always found in the outside area of his pen. He has his favourite box that he likes to sit on and just watch every pass him by. If someone approaches his enclosure he does get intrigued by whats going on but he prefers his own company. He is not very good to handle as he's very fast to catch and hates being picked up, so this is only done when absolutely necessary. He may not be the friendliest of rabbits but he does have his loving playful side too.

His ideal home is;

  • Large outdoor living area
  • Experienced rabbit owner
  • No children
  • A female rabbit friend (if possible)
  • A patient owner
Butterscotch has been at the shelter since May 2018.

Butterscotch - Looking for a home!
Butterscotch - Looking for a home!
Butterscotch - Looking for a home!