Casper and Martha - Need a home!

More Info:

A colourful pair that would love to explore!

For these two characters it was definitely not love at first sight, however now they are inseperable! Martha is a lovely black Lionhead/Lop cross breed and Casper is a gorgeous white and grey fluffball! Both are around a few years old and are very lively companions so they will really keep their new owners busy!

Even though these two cannot be imagined apart they do have to be seperated whilst being fed. Martha will eat anything! She will happily munch down on any food put in front of her! Due to Martha eating habits it means Casper can struggle to eat his share before she does! Casper has also developed a few dental problems which might be ongoing but has not been confirmed. 

This pair become explorers at any chance they get! Martha loves to run up and down our corridors and Casper will soon follow! Both of them also have unique fur that needs regular grooming, Martha is happy to sit comfortably in someones lap whereas Casper needs some convincing!

Our ideal home is;

  • Indoor/Outdoor living
  • Large space with plenty of explorative areas
  • Experienced owner ideal
  • Grooming experience ideal
  • Perfect family pets
  • A sense of playfulness a must!
We have been at the shelter since August 2019.

Casper and Martha - Need a home!
Casper and Martha - Need a home!
Casper and Martha - Need a home!
Casper and Martha - Need a home!