Catrina has now been adopted

8 years
More Info:

Around Christmas time two of our wardens where called to a RTA cat who was still alive, this little cat was rushed to Isabelle vets where once she had been examined it was found that she had totally de gloved her tail, had a serious fractured pelvis, internal bleeding and was a very poorly cat indeed. However this little girl who has been named Catrina was prepared to fight and had her tail amputated that night along with other life saving veterinary care. Later on her pelvis was also repaired as well, this was the start of this lovely girls recovery.

Due to serious bruising along her back area Catrina took a long time to heal and also had to go onto special food as her bladder had also taken quite a hit. During all this time this girl has never let any of this get her down and is an amazing fighter. Catrina was also voted Isabelle vets pet hero of the month due to the courage of this special little cat and alot of the staff fell in love with her. Once her back had healed enough we then had to get her spayed as well, this also proved fun for the vet as some of her internal organs are not where they are meant to be, however when Catrina came back we had trouble trying to keep her quite after her spay, as far as she was concerned this was just a walk in the park.

This amazing girl does have problems with her skin which is still very sensitive due to the RTA and she may need futher medication for this. Catrina needs a home as an only cat as she is a flu carrier. Because of her previous injuries Catrina is not safe outside so would need a home as an indoor cat only. This amazing cat would benefit hugely if her new owner/s where at home all or part of the day as she adores company. Catrina has been through so much and has shown huge amounts of courage and the will to survive has been unbelievable. Due to her history she will need to stay on her prescription food that she is on and will need more checks with the vets then a normal cat would do so. Catrina would be fine with teenages but no children and this is only due to the pelvis injury as she wiggles like mad when picked up and if she falls this could cause her damage.

If you think you can offer this amazing cat a home then please contact the G.S.P.C.A on 01481-257261  


Catrina has now been adopted