Enzo has been adopted :)

German Shepherd
10 months
More Info:

Enzo is a fantastic dog with a BIG personality!

He will need owners who would be happy to contiue his training as he is only a young dog and soon to be a dreaded teenager!

He is very bouncy so wouldn't suit small children as he may knock them over.

He could live with other pets but due to his enthusiastic play they would need to be able to cope with having a large breed, with limited social skills jumping about. 

Enzo will need a lot of time and dedication and cannot be left for too long or he might get up to mischief if he is left to entertain himself.

He has so much potential and is so keen to learn and get things right.

It would be advisable for nerw owners to book training classes for him; he has already completed a puppy course.

If you are looking for a lovable whirlwind and have the time and space to enable him to thrive please get in touch.

Enzo has been adopted :)