More Info:

A lovely cuddle bunny who needs a perfect pal!

Geoff is a beautiful young Holland Lop who currently lives outside. He loves to see whats going on around him and is very grateful for attention so he won't say no to a cuddle! He doesn't mind being held and comforted by people he trusts in a safe enviroment that he knows, otherwise he can become scared. 

Geoff can become quite lonely so he is currently on the look-out for his perfect female companion who would like to spend time with him playing, relaxing and generally being nosey! As his favourite activity at the moment is destroyinf empty milk cartons he needs a girl who will be willing to be his partner in crime! 

When given the chance to have time in the run, he spends his time literally running around in the run! He may stop to explore his surrounding but generally loves just being out and about!

My ideal home is;


  • Indoor/Outdoor living
  • Large space with plenty of explorative areas
  • Grooming experience ideal
  • Ideally a home with a friendly female
  • Cuddling experience a must!
  • Fine with children
I have been at the shelter since August 2019.