Hazel and Lavender - Need a Home!

Domestic/Wild Cross
More Info:

GSPCA born bunnies need a loving and large home!

Hazel and Lavender have spent their entire lives here at the shelter after being born on site! Their mother was a lovely girl who escaped from her home and was eventually found and bought into us, the next day she gave birth to two beautiful baby bunnies! They are brother and sister and believed to be half wild because of their mothers adventures and their behaviour definitely shows this. They have recently been put back together after being neutered and it was like they'd never left each others side!

They are not too keen on being handled for long but love being given headrubs! They absolutely love to chew on their cardboard boxes and Lavender especially enjoys destroying her  favourite wicker basket! Given the chance, this pair will run and run and run! Flowerpots are also under their range of favourite toys to chuck about and chew on!

Our ideal home is;


  • Outdoor living
  • Large space with plenty of explorative areas
  • Not ideal for children
  • Experienced owners ideal
We were born at the shelter on the 1st May 2019.


Hazel and Lavender - Need a Home!
Hazel and Lavender - Need a Home!
Hazel and Lavender - Need a Home!
Hazel and Lavender - Need a Home!