Hugo and Lindt - Looking for a home

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More Info:

The young pair are both lop breeds with lots of love to give!

Hugo, who is small and brown, and Lindt, the larger black beauty, absolutely adore being the centre of attention! They love people so much they binky when around them for long periods of time. They are not so keen on being handled or groomed but love to have head rubs and cuddles!

Lindt has the habit of headbutting and nudging legs when she wants your attention and will do this cute affectionate nudge even when she has your entire focus. Hugo is more likely to run around when happy and will steal away his treats when he gets the chance!

These two are indoor rabbits so need a home with plenty of indoor space however, Lindt does not mind being outside for short periods of time, she is even used to using a bunny harness! Hugo on the other hand prefers his indoor comforts.

Our ideal/suitable home is;

  • Indoor living only
  • Large space with plenty of explorative area
  • Lots of attention!
  • Handling and grooming experience ideal
  • Fine with children
  • Great for first time owners
They have been with us at the GSPCA since April 2019.


Hugo and Lindt - Looking for a home
Hugo and Lindt - Looking for a home
Hugo and Lindt - Looking for a home