Jemima - Needs a home!

Domestic Rabbit
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A single girl who deserves a happy ending!

Jemima is one of our long term residents here at the shelter as she has been with us June 2018. She did not have the best start in life as she came to us as a welfare case. She started of as quite a grumpy rabbit who was out for destruction. She would destroy everything in her pen every single day. She did find love in her neighbour Butterscotch and for a while they lived happily together but due to an unfortunate incident they can now no longer be together. 

Due to this incident she has suffered from a wound in her genital area which took a few months to heal. This ultimately means she is now more susceptible to flystrike. Although she loves living outdoors, for her own health and safety we are having to keep her indoors until we are 100% comfortable with her being outside. She would be great in a home that could give her both of these options! We have tried re-pairing her so she has company but she does not seem to take well to other rabbits anymore and we believe she is best suited to living alone or possibly with other rabbits nearby. She likes her own space and does not like being picked up but she can be handled quite well when needed. 

She absolutely loves cardboard boxes! The bigger the better as they take longer for her to destroy! Shes very fond of her greens and looks forward to them everyday, especially if theres some parsley included! She takes a while to trust people but we do believe that with the right owner and some time she will form a great bond with someone.

Her ideal home is;


  • Indoor with limited/supervised Outdoor areas
  • Large spaces to explore
  • Cardboard boxes to destroy!
  • Experienced rabbit owner
  • No children
Jemima has been at the shelter since June 2018.


Jemima - Needs a home!
Jemima - Needs a home!
Jemima - Needs a home!
Jemima - Needs a home!