Juno and Ozzy -Reserved

Domestic Rabbit
More Info:

Juno and Ozzy are a sweet pair who would love to find a home!

Juno is a lovely grey girl and Ozzy is a sweet black boy with a little white dot just on his nose! We believe Juno to be 5 years old, possibly older and Ozzy is also approximately 3/4 years old. They were both put together recently after Juno fell out with her sister and they have been inseperable ever since. You can always find them snuggling in their hay beds and fighting over who gets to be the little spoon! 

Juno loves to laze around in her hay beds and isn't as active as she used to be but absolutely loves to have some attention! She'll nudge you with her nose as soon as she wants some attention and won't leave you alone until you do! Cuddles are definitely one of her favourite activites. You may notice she has some fatty lumps on her chest but they do not bother her at all and are not causing any harm.

On the otherhand Ozzy used to be a breeding male and has lots of excess energy to burn so he loves to run around outside as soon as he gets the chance! He loves to munch on any food he can get his paws on and once he's tired out he'll find Juno to snuggle up to.

Our ideal home is;


  • Indoor/Outdoor living
  • Large space with plenty of explorative areas
  • Good with children
  • Lots of attention required!
  • Cuddling experts please apply
We have been at the shelter since November and December 2019


Juno and Ozzy -Reserved
Juno and Ozzy -Reserved
Juno and Ozzy -Reserved
Juno and Ozzy -Reserved