Katya and Trixie - Looking for a home!

Domestic Rabbit
More Info:

Two sisters that need a loving home to explore!

Katya and Trixie are two very cheeky lovely girls! They both love seeing people in the morning and if you go near them they always want to see what you're up to! Even though they enjoy being in the company of others they are not fond of being handled or touched as they simply are not used to this kind of interaction.

They are both believed to be around 4/5 years old and are used to indoor living. As far as we are aware they are not used to living outside and do not like being outside either. They do love big spacious areas where they can explore and chase each other! 

Katya, the one with the white strip on her back, is the really adventurous one. As soon as her pen door is open she runs around as fast as she can to explore everything! It does not take her long to settle into an area and once she's throroughly explored she'll usually flop down and relax regardless of the company. Trixie is very similar to Katya and loves to run around but she likes to do this more at her own pace and it can take a little bit more time for her to get comfortable.

These two sisters must go together as they get on so well and they don't get on well with other rabbits.

Our ideal home is;

  • Indoor living
  • Large areas to explore!
  • No young children
  • No other rabbits
  • Patient owner in regards to handling
We have been at the shelter since November 2020.

Katya and Trixie - Looking for a home!
Katya and Trixie - Looking for a home!
Katya and Trixie - Looking for a home!
Katya and Trixie - Looking for a home!