1 year and 4 months
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    My name is Mango, i am a lively younger boy who loves to play and eat. Unfortunatly i do tend to give love nips/bites which can be a little hard at times ( i don`t mean to hurt ,but i do get carried away). I could live with a female cat who is around the same age as me as long as we are introduced properly.

    Did i mention that i love food especially Dreamies and will do anything for more of them.  My favourite toy in the whole world is my furry wand toy, which once i grab hold of, i will proudly wander around with it in my mouth, i love my toys and can spend ages playing with them. I also like to rearrange my bed when it has not been put back how i like it. I would need a garden to play in and catch some sun rays.  If you can offer me the purrfect home please phone 257261.

              Love  Mango

                 x x x

            p.s Mango could live with a child aged 12 years upwards but please be aware he nips.