Mrs Barley Sugar and Crepe Suzette

Agouti X
More Info:

Mrs Barley Sugar orginally came to the shelter back in 2018 and gave birth to 3 little bunnies shortly after arriving. Her daughter has stayed with her throughout. They were both adopted together in October 2020 but have unfortunately been returned to us. 

They tend to get overlooked as they look 'wild' which is a shame as these two have great personalities. They don't need much attention and are happy just being in each's others company. Neither of them like being handled or stroked but they do like to come and say hello when you interact with them. They are really looking for a home that can love and care for them without being too overwhelmed with attention.

We love running around outside when we have the chance! Crepe Suzette is definitely more active and will explore for hours whereas Mrs Barley Sugar prefers to relax and watch what is going on around her.

Our ideal home is;


  • Large indoor/outdoor area
  • Experienced rabbit owner ideal
  • No children


Mrs Barley Sugar and Crepe Suzette
Mrs Barley Sugar and Crepe Suzette