Pooh and Eeyore - adopted

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I'm Pooh, I know I look a bit scruffy but when I first came into the shelter my coat was not in the best of condition. I do have a lump under my arm but the vet has assured me it's only a fatty lump. The humans at The GSPCA had to give me a hair cut, lots of grooms and regular bum baths to get my fur looking as good as it does now! So whoever takes Eyeore and me will have to remember I need alot of attention to keep my fur looking this good. I'm totally worth! Big Fur, Big personality!!

My name is Eyeore and my best friend is Pooh, We can not be separated, so we come as a pair! I LOVE greenies!!! My favorite is parsley and apples. I must warn you though, I am very vocal! As soon as I hear a humans voice or the veg being cut I will begin to SING! I just love to sing to let the whole wide world know how happy I am!

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Pooh and Eeyore - adopted
Pooh and Eeyore - adopted