Rolo is with a new family

6 years
More Info:

Rolo is a shy little dog that is anxious around new people so can be barky and reactive but he is soooo affectionate and sweet once he knows he's safe.

He enjoys his walks and loves playing with his soft toys.

Rolo cannot live with children as he cannot cope with a busy household.

Anyone wanting to offer Rolo a new home would have to be willing to seek help from a behaviourist that focuses on 'Force Free' training. Rolo is very motivated and loves training.

He may be able to live with another dog but he would neet to be cat tested.

Once Rolo trusts you he is a very loyal and affectionate little dog and a wonderful companion. 

Rolo is with a new family
Rolo is with a new family
Rolo is with a new family