Smudge has found a foster home.

7 years 9 months
More Info:

   Smudge is a lovely lady who is nearly 8 years of age, this lovely cat came into the GSPCA for re homing through no fault of her own and during her routine Vet check and booster vaccination it was found that Smudge had a very pronounced heart murmur that needed a scan.

        Sadly when the scan was done it showed a tumour in her heart (Chemodectoma) and due to this we are looking for a fantastic foster home for this lovely cat to go to where she will be spoilt rotten for the length of time that Smudge has left.

        Smudge will need close monitoring so requires a foster home where someone is always around and also needs to be the only pet in the household with no children or visiting children. Smudge will require to be a housecat only and will need grooming as we are a fluffy cat but like her personality she is wonderful about having this done as well. 

If you are interested in being a foster parent then please contact the GSPCA on 257261. A homecheck will be required.

Smudge has found a foster home.