Sparky - Looking for a home

Amazon Green
15 years old
More Info:
Sparky is a 15 year old Amazon Green Parrot. He is blind in one eye, he has had this disability since being at the shelter but other than that he is in perfect health! He is less aggressive to female humans, so we do advise a female owner but someone with parrot knowledge and experience will be favourable. He is very vocal but he has no English vocabulary, just a lot of squawking!! When he has a bond with you he is the best natured bird, loving and caring! His closest mate at the shelter is our animal care assistant Beckie, it has taken her 7 months to gain his trust for him to be on her shoulder, still likes to nibble her ear occasionally. He needs someone who is patient and understanding of bird behavior. Deaf neighbours preferable, as he loves to ‘sings’ ...... but he hasn't got the X factor voice! However, Sparky has SO much personality!! The hospital team at the shelter are very fond of him and we would love him to find his forever home! If you are interested in Sparky, please contact us for more information.

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Sparky - Looking for a home
Sparky - Looking for a home
Sparky - Looking for a home