Tess - Reserved!

Born 2018
More Info:

Tess is looking for a loving home!

Tess recently came to the GSPCA with her sister Brenda, we've had to separate them as they did not get along. Shes a gorgeous girl and has so much energy! She always wants to explore so she loves to have extra space when shes allowed. She doesn't seem to mind having attention and cuddles but she does prefer to run around. Tess does seem to have a slight fur issue, she has a few patches that have less fur than they should.  This could be due to many reasons ranging from stress to nutrition and we are currently monitoring her skin/fur but it does not impact her life in any way.

So far she is easy to handle and according to her history she is used to being around children. She still needs to be neutered so she is not ready for rehoming just yet, however she is available to reserve. We think she'd do well with company and we also think she would be okay as a single bunny if given enough love and attention. We are still getting to know her so this page might update in the future with new infomation. 

My ideal home is; 

  • Indoor/Outdoor living
  • Large space with plenty of explorative areas
  • Good with children
  • A male rabbit companion (if possible)
  • Lots of love
I have been at the shelter since June 2020.


Tess - Reserved!
Tess - Reserved!
Tess - Reserved!
Tess - Reserved!