Weetabix and Oreo - Have found a home

Domestic Rabbit
Older Adult
More Info:

Hello, we are Oreo and Weetabix. We are like husband and wife and are very happy together! We are quite old, about 7 years. We would be heart broken if we are separated, so the humans at The GSPCA have promised us we will not be separated! my lovely wife Weetabix has a few lumps on her, which I'm really worried about, but the vets are keeping an eye on her. We really want to find our happy forever home before it's to late. Please speak to The GSPCA how you might be able to give us the perfect home. Even though we are old we love to play with our plastic bell ball and we love to hide in our boxes. So please do not over look us, we would make amazing pets. Please give us a happy home that we deserve. Thank you! Oreo and Weetabix x X x.

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Weetabix and Oreo - Have found a home
Weetabix and Oreo - Have found a home