11 years
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       My name is Zimba,

               I am a older man who would love a quiet home to live in.  I have only lived with an elderly owner so i`m afraid that i am not good with children as i get very frightened by them. Because i can be nervous i may hide to start with but when i get to know you i will be head rubbing you and purring like mad but this may take some time before i am ready to do this.

                        While i have been here i have been treated for a poorly eye which is much better now but it may or may not flare up again. I have a lovely soft coat and i do enjoy a little brush now and again , i am also very handsome ( so i am told), i would really love a home where i can be spoilt rotton and i would really benefit if my new owner/s where home all or part of the day.  I do have a benign growth on the side of my face which has been there for a long time but it does not bother me at all (i am still a handsome man).

         If you can offer me a forever, purrfect home then please get in contact.

              Thank you

                     Love Zimba x x x