***Are you waiting to join a puppy training class? Is your pup not ready to mix with other dogs but you want to get started as soon as possible? Do you want to do that little bit of extra training at home? As a Rescue charity we know how important it is for you both to get it right from the start so our trainers will be offering puppy drop-in sessions and home visits to give you all the help, advice and support you need. It can often feel a bit overwhelming but we’re here if you need us. Email Lorna@gspca.org.gg for more information. ***

Every penny we raise through our puppy and dog-training classes goes directly towards the animals in our care and to improving our welfare facilities for the ever-increasing number of stray, neglected and unwanted pets.

  • We run the APDT Good Companion Puppy and Foundation Training Awards at the Animal Shelter on a Monday (7.00 - 8.00pm) and Tuesday (7.00 - 8.00pm) and also on other days / nights when we are able.
  • Our training courses run for 6 weeks and each class lasts for approximately an hour (give or take). There are a maximum of 6 (or on a rare occasion 7) dogs per class allowing us to give each dog lots of individual attention.
  • The total cost of the 6 week course is £70
  • All of the puppies must have had their second vaccinations before they can begin the puppy course.
  • Our approach is very much based on life skills; teaching and training using positive reinforcement techniques. We want the dogs to learn because they find it rewarding NOT because they are trying to avoid a punishment or correction.
  • We do use the Clicker as part of our training. Please 'click' on the link below for more information. 
  • We teach a mix of basic commands such as sit, down, walking nicely on lead and recall as well as working through focus exercises, calm greeting of people and other dogs on lead and exercises to prevent / stop jumping up. We demonstrate activities that owners can do with their dog to help build and strengthen their bond, the dog’s responsiveness and thus increase owner control.
  • We continually assess each dog and advise on any behaviour problems that the owners may be experiencing.
  • Our aim is that people leave the classes with a greater understanding of their dogs and why they do things. We try to give the owners the skills to deal with anything that their dog throws at them while helping them to enjoy being a dog owner, after all that's what its all about.

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Lorna Chadwick mAPDT 01123, Jenny Mahy mAPDT 01122 and Anna Brehaut (Canine Behaviour Guernsey) take the classes with helpers. Lorna is from a canine behaviour background and Jenny is an obedience trainer so we have a good range of knowledge depending on your individual needs. We are both members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers see http://www.apdt.co.uk/ for more information.

Lorna has a lifetime of experience with a huge variety of breeds. She started out in traditional dog training and ‘showing’ becoming the Channel Island Junior Handler in the early eighties. She moved from formal dog training to applied canine behaviour when she joined the Rehabilitation Department at Battersea Dogs’ and Cats’ Home. During this time it became clear that the most important thing a dog needs is to learn to trust its handler. Since joining the GSPCA she has continued to manage the assessing and rehoming of the Shelter dogs as well as helping to train and rehabilitate family pets. She is dedicated to helping people understand their pets and to improving the dog – owner relationship.

Jenny has over 40 year’s dog training experience including dancing with dogs and competitive obedience and is committed to improving the dog / owner bond.

Jenny has moved from ‘traditional’ training techniques and now applies modern motivational training methods that do not compromise the mental and physical welfare of the dogs.

Anna set up and runs Canine Behavior Guernsey and all three trainers regularly update their skills via the Institiute of Mondern Dogs trainers (IMDT) and the School of Canine Science (SOCS). We believe in continued personal development and strive to build upon our skills and experience by attending course, seminars and workshops when we can.

If there is a kinder alternative why do it any other way.


Course dates:

Monday 4th October 7.00pm Puppy - FULL

Tuesday 5th October 7.00pm Puppy - FULL

Tuesday 23rd November 7.00pm Puppy - FULL  


New dates will be announced soon.  


We are looking to do drop in clinics for pups waiting to get onto courses; please email lorna@gspca.org.gg for more details.

Please watch this video http://youtu.be/d1gM1fdIP4w and support our local Staffies. If the link doesn't work, copy and paste to your browser.