Buddy has a new home

7 months
More Info:

A definite bull in a china shop character. He really doesn't know how big and clumsy he is.

He's such a sweet and affectionate boy. Buddy loves people but he could knock you over if he was excited to see you. Because of this we would only recommend older robust children and ideally those who have experience with dogs. 

Buddy LOVES training and is keen to learn and get things right. He knows his basic commands and is a quick learner. He is motivated by food and toys and will happily entertain himself although he prefers it when you play with him. 

Buddy hasn't had much lead walking experience so new owners would need to spend time showing him how to walk nicely on lead. He can be vocal at other dogs on lead and behavioural guidance and training are essential for Buddy and his new owner(s). This training must be Force free and employ up to date in it's methods.

Buddy has made two great friends while staying with us and is fantastic with dogs offlead. He would benefit from a home with an older, sociable and confident dog as he really enjoys their company and guidance.

Buddy will make a great companion for an energetic household who are willing to invest lots of their time so that he can thrive and become an amazing adult and great lifelong friend. He cannot be left for a working day as he loves human company and it would be unfair for him to spend a lot of time on his own.

He would need a large house and acess to a garden as he has boundless energy. Having said that he does like to sleep on your feet when you are working at your desk so he does relax too.

A truly wonderful lad.



Buddy has a new home
Buddy has a new home
Buddy has a new home