Dandelion & Nettle - Looking for a home

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Young and in love!!!

Dandelion (female) and Nettle (male) are totally in love! They came back to us recently after being adopted last year which was sadly not successful. They were paired back together at the shelter after an unexpected pregnancy. Nettle can be a bit protective of Dandelion, especially around new people, other rabbits and other pets.

They don't mind being handled for short periods of time, if you can catch them first! Dandelion is more affectionate to humans and will happily sit nearby having headrubs. They are both very inquisitive of their surroundings and love being outside. Their favourite items are always made out of wicker and they both go crazy for parsley!

Our ideal/suitable home is;


  • Outdoor living area (inside can be considered if access to outside possible)
  • Large space with plenty of explorative areas
  • No young children
  • Not to be separated
  • No other rabbits or pets
  • Owner must have parsley!
We have been at the shelter since February 2020. 


Dandelion & Nettle - Looking for a home
Dandelion & Nettle - Looking for a home
Dandelion & Nettle - Looking for a home