Lacey has been adopted

cross breed
8 years
More Info:

Lacey is a fun little dog FULL of character who knows here own mind :) 

She is very active for her age and enjoys long walks and being busy. She also loves the company of other dogs.

Lacey is a little unsure of strangers and can be vocal so she would benefit from behavioural advice and future training to help her cope and to reduce this.

Lacey is a strong little dog and a bit of a nosey parker with intermitten hearing; especially when she sees something fun on the beach. She would definitaley benefit from recall training.

She has recently been diagnosed with Cushings disease which is completely manageable but the future costs of medication and Veterinary care would need to be considered before taking her on.

If you are looking for a fun, energetic little dog please get in touch. 



Lacey has been adopted