Otis & Blue - Looking for a home

Rex Cross
3 Years old
More Info:

Otis and Blue are a lovely couple who need their space and would love a home where they can roam!

Otis is a beautiful brown lad that came to the shelter in April 2018 and was a single boy who wasn't too welcoming. Then he met Blue, a gorgous friendly grey female who came to us last year in August. The pair did had a rocky start together but it soon blossomed into love.

They love being outside and watching the world pass them by whilst chewing away on their favourite cardboard toys. Otis especially loves destroying milk cartons whilst Blue prefers to munch away on hay. 

As these two have a naturally explorative nature they are not too keen on being handled but after some time to get used to people they don't mind having some attention.

Our ideal home would include;

  • Outdoor living areas
  • A large space with plenty of explorative areas
  • Experience with rabbits
We have currently been at the shelter for over or almost a year now with little interest so please consider us! 


Otis & Blue - Looking for a home
Otis & Blue - Looking for a home
Otis & Blue - Looking for a home