Rachel, Phoebe and Monica

Guinea Pigs
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Phoebe, Monica and Rachel are looking for a forever home! ????
These three girls came to the shelter together and cannot be separated, they need to live all together! They have a great dynamic and are very entertaining to watch!
First we have Phoebe, the lovely grey and white piggy. She is the oldest girl and definitely the boss! She keeps the younger two in their place, especially if they're in her spot! ????
Secondly, we have Monica, the ginger scruff ball! ???? She is definitely the most reserved out of the group and loves her own space.
Thirdly is Rachel, the youngest and most mischievous out of the bunch! She loves to make a noise and wind up her sisters when she's all excited and wants to play! She is also the biggest foodie out of the three and does not hesitate to steal her sisters food! ????
Phoebe does suffer from an inner ear infection which means she has a slight head tilt that needs to be monitored. She also doesn't do very well in the cold weather which means they do need to go to a home that can keep all 3 of them indoors during the winter and bad weather.
All three of them are friendly and don't mind being handled at all. They need a home that can provide everything, cuddles, patience, exciting toys and treats!!! ????????????

Rachel, Phoebe and Monica
Rachel, Phoebe and Monica
Rachel, Phoebe and Monica
Rachel, Phoebe and Monica
Rachel, Phoebe and Monica