Since 1873 the GSPCA has been led by a committee that are elected through the membership to promote the GSPCA’s aims and objectives of kindness and preventing cruelty to animals in Guernsey.

The last AGM was held in April 2019 and the GSPCA committee are –

John Knight, BVetMed., MRCVS -  GSPCA President - a partner at The Vetcare Centres, working in all aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery, He has lived and worked in Guernsey since 1988, and very happily raised his family here, the island he now considers home. John has been an active member of the General Committee since 2000, serving as its President for seven years. With more than thirty years of professional experience working for animal welfare his consultancy services are sought internationally.  In addition to his work based in Guernsey John is a member of the Executive Board of the Anglo-Italian Society for the Protection of Animals, and Senior Veterinary Consultant to the Born Free Foundation.

Phil Soulsby – GSPCA Treasurer (Co-opted January 2017)

Adele Malpas – GSPCA Vice President & Secretary

Tom Le Pelley – GSPCA Vice President - After a year as a student of Dairy Farming at an Agricultural College in Somerset, Tom returned to the island to work on his father’s farm.  In 1974 he took over the farm which he ran successfully until 1998 when he sold his herd to make time available to look after his diabetic mother.  In the millennium year of 2000 he stood for the position of a Castel Deputy in the States of DeliberaTom Le Pelley GSPCA Vice President Guernseytion which he won and held on to in the years 2004 and 2008 but chose to retire before the 2012 elections.  It was also in the millennium year that he was the President of theGuernsey Farmers Association and was invited to join the Committee of the GSPCA. Since that time there have been many challenges and changes for both the Committee and Staff to deal with. The most disruptive was the site preparation for, and building of, the new Kennel Block with Admin. above. The Committee were also consulted in the drafting before introduction of a new Animal Welfare Law – which took about eight years in process and now might bring with it the need for upgrades or even further replacement of tired old buildings before a licence can be granted.  A further challenge for all was the need to keep the charity afloat and to bring ‘up to date’ the book keeping which had ‘slipped’ as a result of illness. A new initiative towards ‘Enterprise Costings’ should prove useful in determining future choices for minimising waste and enhancing the most viable ways to support our core welfare work.

Steve Ford - GSPCA Committee Member (Co-opted April 2013)

Karen Girdlestone - GSPCA Committee Member (Co-opted October 2015) - Educated in England, Karen moved to the island in 2009 from Hampshire and joined AFM in 2012 within their Customer Relations Division and managed several client accounts in Guernsey. She is now the Business Development & PR Manager with overall responsibility for business development, marketing, PR, corporate events and all CSR activity for AFM in both islands. Single with no children, Karen enjoys various activities and especially enjoys the natural surroundings of this beautiful island and takes every opportunity to Scuba Dive, Ski, Sail, Swim, Travel and entertain friends. An avid animal lover, ex-rally driver and powerboat racer, Karen has lived and worked in seventeen countries. She is well known locally and brings a wealth of sales and marketing expertise to the business. An infectious character, when she is not working Karen finds time to involve herself in various charity fundraising ventures and she now sits on the Committee of the GSPCA.

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