Below are just a number of projects that the GSPCA are looking for funding for but there are others. If you would like to help fund or contribute toward these please get in touch with GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne on 01481 257261 or email


Improve our seal pup facilities

Seal facilities need an update at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in Guernsey

The current facilities we have at the GSPCA although are suitable we are looking to improve and update. We would like to tile, decorate and renew the pens we currently have for seal pups at the GSPCA Animal Shelter.

The cost to tile the room out and carry out the work would cost approximately be £2000.

New Washing facilities

Washing machine needed for the GSPCA Animal Shelter in Guernsey

Our current washing machine and dryer are coming to the end of their lives and we really need to replace them very soon with new commercial sized washing facilities.  There machines cost in the region of £4000-5000 each and due to the 200-300 animals we often have at the Shelter there is a lot of bed to be washed.  If you can help we would love to hear from you.


Update the flooring in the GSPCA Kennels

The GSPCA are looking at improving and renewing the flooring in the kennels at the Shelter.

To carry out this work throughout the kennels has been estimated at a cost of £15,000 for the 41 kennels and walk ways we have at the Shelter


Tile the Wildlife and Hedgehog Floors

To help improve the facilities we have for our hedgehogs and wildlife we would like to tile the floors in four areas of our wildlife unit.

The cost for the tile and accessories would be approximately be £1500.


Refit and Enlarge the Reception Area at the GSPCA

The GSPCA reception area unfortunately is extremely small and hasnt changed much since it was built over 30 years ago. We now have planning to enlarge it to enable the Animal Shelter to have a shop area, public toilet, better disabled access, a small office to talk privately, larger reception desk and renew our 3 hospital kennels.

The approximate cost for this project would be £25,000 and would enable more visitors and ways to raise funds for the Shelter.


GSPCA Ambulance & Rescue Vehicle being supported by the Itex-Rotary Walk 2013

The Shelter is in need of a new GSPCA Ambulance which is used by the Animal Collection Staff and Volunteer Night Wardens. The current vehicle has been in use for nearly 10 years and is now becoming expensive to run. We are looking at a new vehicle such as a minivan which would be ideal for the tight lanes we often have to drive through.

We are pleased to announce that on Saturday 6th June 2013 Itex Walk Guernsey this project is one of the nominated projects benefiting from this years walk. To register and find out more please click here for more details.


Memorial Garden

We have an area where people come and sit to remember their pets and also scatter their ashes.  This could be made into a lovely area but ideally needs some fence work, additional benches, a small cabin to sit in for the winter and a board where commemoration plagues can be placed.  Also some grounds work on the heart shape and landscaping.


Cabin - £1200

Board/Benches - £500

Landscaping/fencing - £1600

Wooden edging for heart - £700

Total – £4000

We would like to thank the Sure Community Foundation Grant for their help with a grant of £1000 towards the work of this project and Pet Tributes for their donation of £75.


To make a donation please click here


Open A Charity Shop / Pop Up Charity Shop

We are currently looking for premises to set up a charity shop.  With increases costs a charity shop would help bring income to support the Animal Welfare work we do every do to help care for the animals of Guernsey.

Also if you have a premises and would be happy for the GSPCA to occupy it for a short period of time for a pop up charity shop please get in touch with the GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne.


Start Up A Sponsorship Scheme For Kennels/Cattery/Small Animals

 We are currently putting together a sponsorship scheme for the welfare animals that come into our care.  This would be a monthly giving scheme that supporters could join to support either the welfare dogs, welfare cats or the welfare rabbits and other small animals we always have in through no fault of their own.

The benefits to the supporter would be a plaque on a board at the shelter, a car sticker, a regular newsletter, a certificate (so could be given as a gift), a space showing their support on our web site and the knowledge that they are supporting the animals on the island.

The benefit to the shelter in the long run would be secure income for the welfare work that we do and a way that public could directly support it and be recognised for this.  With funding being increasingly difficult to raise this is a way to ensure the regular income to help the animals in our care.

Cost to set up

Leaflets & posters - £500

Leaflet holders and advertisement - £800

Car stickers - £500

Plaque board and plaques - £500

Total £2300

To sponsor an animal pen, kennel or unit please download the form by -

Monthly sponsor scheme for dogs cats rabbits hedgehogs and other Animals in Guernsey

We have started to put a scheme together but we are looking for a sponsor to help promote, advertise and support the costs of the scheme and if you or your business is interested please do get in touch.

To find out more on how to sponsor a kennel, animal pen or the wildlife unit please click on the ANGEL logo to help support animals in Guernsey -

ANGEL - Animals Needing Guernseys Everlasting Love Sponsorship Scheme


Redevelopment Plans

There are a number of buildings we are currently in the stage of redesigning as they are extremely old.  We need to rebuild our quarantine facility, isolation, cattery and reception as well as provide a grooming facility for our animals on site.

The first building is planned to be two stories to house many of these and although we do not have any final figures it is likely to be in excess of £1,000,000 and ideally if we could raise funds for both then this would be in excess of £2,000,000.

With the new animal welfare laws in Guernsey coming and the age of the buildings we need to ensure that we are leading an example on how animals should be kept now and in the future.

Ideally there are two buildings we would like to rebuild but without financial support we will have to concentrate on just the one.

To help donate to our Redevelopment and New Build Appeal please download a form by -

To help donate to our Cattery & Quarantine Appeal please download a form by

To find out more and see some pictures of the Cattery & Quarantine Appeal please click on this link -

To help donate to our Cattery & Quarantine Appeal please click here


Rescue & Rehabilitation Equipment

The shelter could do with a number of small items to enable us to help capture, control and care for the animals that we rescue and care for.

Graspers (dog and cat) - £300

Cat cages - £220

Wildlife/Cat scales - £150

Seal scales - £250

Stretcher - £150

Safety Collars, leads & muzzles - £100

Throw and walk net - £200

Heat pads - £200

Total - £1570


The items above are all approximate costs with all work being carried out by staff and volunteers.  There are a number of other items the shelter could do with but these are some of the priorities

Amazon Wish List Items Online

The GSPCA always needs a variety of toys, equipment and feed which we occasionally source from Amazon due to the very economical prices. If you wanted to buy supplies directly for the GSPCA Animal Shelter then click on the link to Amazon below to find out what we need. Before you do please ensure you are registered with Easyfundraising as you can donate without it costing you anything when you shop online. To find out more on Easyfundraising please click here.

GSPCA Amazon Wish List - Helping care for animals in Guernsey

When shopping online please check to see if you can help raise funds for the GSPCA through Easyfundraising and to find out more please click here.  It costs no extra and is an easy way to raise funds for the GSPCA when shopping online.

GSPCA need new weighing scales for the cats, wildlife and small animals

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