We are looking at holding a number of other courses and training sessions during 2014/15 and these will be publicised as soon as dates are set.

Dog and Cat Emergency First Aid Training

The dates for the first aid courses are:

Cat First Aid 9.30am - 11.45am Sunday 8th March 2015 - Ref - Cat 8/03

Dog First Aid 9.30am - 11.45am Sunday 15th March 2015 - Ref - Dog 15/03

Cat First Aid 9.30am - 11.45am Sunday 8th November 2015 - Ref - Cat 8/11

Dog First Aid 9.30am - 11.45am Sunday 15th November 2015 - Ref - Dog 15/11

All courses are a minimum £15 donation and you must book your place by the Saturday before the training session.

Within the sessions you get the chance to learn about what to do if you were faced with an emergency situation with your dog or cat.  All participants receive handouts, a few goodies and a certificate.

To book your place call 01481 257261 or pay via the paypal link below using the reference code so we are aware which you would like to attend.

Pet Bereavement Training for Bailiwick Pet Professionals and Volunteers

The GSPCA and Guernsey Bereavement Service teamed up for the third time recently to provide a training session in Pet Bereavement for those working or volunteering in the animal care industry in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

The aim of the evening was to educate the many volunteers and staff across the Bailiwick help those pet owners with the loss of their beloved pet.

The next session is on the Tuesday 29th September at 6.25pm at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

Zoe Le Pelley from the Guernsey Bereavement Service will lead the talk on the following subjects:

  • An overview of loss and how it affects us
  • The four categories of pet loss
  • How we can help the bereaved
  • What the Guernsey Bereavement can offer

Zoe will also be there to take questions and we are planning an interactive session so all participants can take as much from it as possible.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager will also be making a presentation on the Pet Cremation Service that the Animal Shelter provides, the Pet Memorial Garden we are developing on site and also a short tour of the facilities.

All the GSPCA and Guernsey Bereavement Service are asking for is a minimum donation of £10 per person to be paid by calling 01481 257261, via the paypal link below, at the Shelter or on the evening, but please do register your place as soon as possible.

From vets to vet nurses, pet sitters to pet shop staff, animal charity workers to volunteers we are hoping that this session will help at a time of an pet owners bereavement.

The training session will take place at 6.25pm, although you can arrive from 6.10pm to make a hot drink.

Zoe Le Pelley from the Guernsey Bereavement Service said ‘At the Guernsey Bereavement Service we are delighted to be able to provide this training with the GSPCA for those professionals and volunteers working in the animal care industry around the Bailiwick.’

‘The Guernsey Bereavement Service is there to help support anyone who has loved and lost, and that includes the many pet owners who face bereavement.’

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager ‘Everyday the team here at the GSPCA talk to those that have recently lost their pets for many reasons and it is always an emotional experience.’

‘Our team here at the GSPCA have had training from the Guernsey Bereavement Service and we thought by working together we could stretch out to other animal care professionals and volunteers in Guernsey that would benefit from their expertise in communicating with bereaved pet owners.’

‘All we are asking for is a small donation which will benefit both charities and we will provide something for those attending to take away.’

For more details please call 01481 257261 or email stevejbyrne@gspca.org.gg

To see more on Pet Bereavement on the GSPCA website please go to – http://www.gspca.org.gg/services/pet-bereavement-advice-page

To visit the Guernsey Bereavement Service website and to find out about their Sunrise Walk on the 6th April please go to - http://www.guernseybereavementservice.com/

Dog Training at the GSPCA

We hold regular dog and puppy training classes at the GSPCA Animal Shelter and for more details please click here.


If you are 14 or over you can volunteer for the GSPCA and to find out more please click here for details.

If you are under 14 and would like to help why not check out our fund raising page by clicking here.

We are holding a Volunteer Induction Evening during the National Volunteer Week on Wednesdays every 6 to 8 weeks through 2014.  If you are over 14 years of age then you are welcome to come up to the Shelter from 6.30pm to find out how you can help animals in Guernsey.  For more details please email stevejbyrne@gspca.org.gg 

The Volunteer Induction Evenings for 2014 will take place on the following Wednesdays at 6.30pm in the Event and Training Room at the GSPCA.

  • 14th May 2014
  • 2nd July 2014
  • 3rd September 2014
  • 22nd October 2014
  • 26th November 2014
    • TBC - February 2015
    • TBC April 2015
    • Animal Care Course

      WEA is teaming-up with the GSPCA to provide the third comprehensive course this September that not only provides essential information for pet care but tackles the wider issues of wild animal welfare in Guernsey.

      The course subjects include:

      • Wild animal rescue and first aid,
      • Emergency care,
      • Domestic animal health checking,
      • Animal handling and grooming,
      • Animal behaviour and psychology,
      • Nutrition and diets for animals,
      • An introduction to the GSPCA and the history of animal welfare,
      • and an Introduction to careers with animals

      8 sessions Tuesdays 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm

      GSPCA Animal Shelter, Rue des Truchots, St. Andrew

      The first session is looking to start 23rd September

      The cost of the course has been £60

      The Tutor for the course is Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager who has over 16 years experience managing RSPCA Animal Shelters, a wealth of experience from owning a large variety of his own pets, volunteering and working in a number of other animal environments, experience in working with International groups in animal care and has been with the GSPCA for nearly two years.

      For more details please click here.

      Oiled Bird Training

      At the GSPCA we are looking at the possibility of holding an oiled bird course at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in case of a local disaster were to hit our shores.  The training would involve the basics in how to assist the trained GSPCA staff in handling, collection and washing of the birds and we would then ask for your details to be placed on an emergency list for if your skills were required.  To register your details please email stevejbyrne@gspca.org.gg

      Anxious about Dogs?

      Do you get anxious or scared if there is a dog nearby?

      Do you avoid places or situations because of this?

      Would you like to change this?

      If you have answered “yes” to these questions, then an event will be announced soon.

      The GSPCA in collaboration with the Health and Social Services Department will be running a half day Dog Phobia Workshop at the Animal Shelter.

      The event is designed to help those with a phobia of dogs to carefully and gradually reduce their anxieties and is based on the most  up-to-date  research on phobia and anxiety treatment.

      To register your details for the next Workshop please email:

      lornaprince@gspca.org.gg or contact Dr James Murray on 701441.

      School and Educational Talks for Groups

      To find out more please click here to find out about our Education page.