Help us make a real difference to animals in Guernsey.

With your help we can ensure thousands of animals are rescued and cared for every year.

Without you the GSPCA couldn't run 24/7 helping animals like the recent 25 Slovakian puppies to the 2 kittens found covered in maggots.

In the just a few days in November we helped rescue a Barn Owl, Guillemots, Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, all types of birds and 7 hedgehogs all of which need food, veterinary care and many specialist facilities.

If you join and become an Angel Pen Pal Sponsor or give as a gift to a loved one you can be part of something special and receive some great gifts which include -

  • A GSPCA Pin Badge
  • A free GSPCA t-shirt or polo shirt for those donating £5 a month or more (children's sizes available)
  • Or a free GSPCA hoodie or sweat shirt for those donating £10 a month or more (children's sizes available)
  • A plaque on the GSPCA Angel pen Pal Sponsor Board
  • A Certificate
  • A Car Sticker
  • Our most recent newsletter (which you receive each quarter with updates)
  • In our newsletter we have Angel Pen Pal updates on many of the animals you help sponsor

You can help make a real difference and to become an Angel Pen Pal Sponsor, please

Angel Pen Pal sponsor GSPCA Guernsey

SPECIAL OFFER - For those that sign up as an Angel Pen Pal sponsor we have extra free gifts, please check out the link above for details.

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For the first time those caring souls that wish to sponsor an animal pen or kennel at the GSPCA Animal Shelter here in Guernsey can now do so.

The ANGEL Pen Pal sponsorship scheme is a way you can give regularly to help support the many animals at the GSPCA

You can sponsor a kennel to a hedgehog cage, a cat pen to the wildlife unit, a rabbit run to a ferret pen every little makes a huge difference.

To sponsor an animal pen, kennel or unit please download the form by -

Monthly sponsor scheme for dogs cats rabbits hedgehogs and other Animals in Guernsey

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Fund raising for the GSPCA

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.Animals Needing Guernseys Everlasting Love Sponsorship Scheme GSPCA        Animals Needing Guernseys Everlasting Love Sponsorship Scheme GSPCA

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