Crepe Suzette is looking for a home!

6 years
More Info:

Crepe Suzette is one of our longest residents at the shelter, who has been here since she was born on site in April 2018. She was adopted for a little while but unfortunately had to return, due to no fault of her own or her owners.

Sadly, earlier this year she lost her mother, Mrs Barley Sugar, who she had lived with her whole life. They had lovely relationship and would often be seen lying together in the sun, but occasionally had their little arguments.

Thankfully, she is doing well living by herself, but we would love to potentially find her a new bunny friend to live out the rest of her life with.

She's not happy with being handled, though she can be for necessary reasons, such as nail trims. She would benefit from an experinced rabbit owner.

She is used to living outside, and seems most happy there, so we would want her to go to a home with an outdoor enclosure.

Crepe Suzette is looking for a home!
Crepe Suzette is looking for a home!