The are a number of contacts you can speak to when looking to transport your animal in or out of Guernsey. Depending on your location and where you are traveling too will affect the requirements under law.  Below are some of the key contacts, transportation companies and also don't forget to speak to your vet for further details.

If you are thinking of getting a pet from outside of Guernsey the GSPCA policy for the Importation of animals from mainland Europe and beyond is as follows -

'The GSPCA does not encourage the importation of animals from rescue centres in mainland Europe or further afield. Sadly, these animals do not always adapt well to life in a domestic household. Imported animals may also bring exotic diseases into the UK, and to our islands. These diseases are not indigenous to the British Isles and risk putting the welfare of our animals and community at risk. This is contrary to the aims and objectives of the GSPCA.'

For legal advice to move animals in and out of Guernsey please visit the States of Guernsey website, please go to

For further legal advice and information, please Tel +44 (0) 1481 234567 or email [email protected]

If you are looking to travel by sea to Guernsey here is a link to the Guernsey Harbours website, please visit

To visit the Condors Ferries website who travel between Guernsey, Jersey, the UK and France please visit

PetAir UK helped the GSPCA transport a loggerhead turtle from Guernsey to Gran Canaria. If you are looking to transport an animal with them they will make a donation to the GSPCA, please let them know you found their details via ourselves for them to do this.

Since 2004 they have helped transport over 12,000 animals all over the world.

No matter what the journey, they can help remove the stress of complicated pet travel arrangements. They operate a 'one of the family' policy, where all animals are treated with the same respect and care as their own pets. 

To contact them please call +44 (0)1725 551124 and to visit their website please go to

For your dogs to travel by air via local airline Aurigny please visit their website FAQ page

For private charter planes in and out of Guernsey you can contact the following two companies for advice -

Aiglle Flight Support, East Apron, Guernsey Airport, Forest, Guernsey GY8 0AN Tel: +44 1481 239544 Fax +44 1481 235008 E:Mail [email protected] Website:

Aircraft Servicing Guernsey Limited, La Planque Lane, Forest Guernsey, Channel Islands GY8 0DS  Flight Support: (6am – 9pm Mon-Sun) Telephone (+44)1481 263965 Fax (+44)1481 265633 Out of Office (+44)7781132211 Website:

If you are looking for small aircraft to help transport there are web pages on social media with contacts

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