Pets can develop a range of behaviour problems. These behaviours are often a sign that your pet is unhappy, anxious, stressed, fearful and just no coping. 

The range of behaviours displayed can be:



Toileting issues




The first thing to do if your dog develops a behaviour issue that worries you is to organise a check up with your Vet. It's important to check that your dog is not unwell or in pain.

If your vet can't find anything physically wrong, they can refer you to an animal behaviour expert.

It's important to find an accredited behaviour expert. A behaviour expert must have up-to-date knowledge or skills to treat pets with behaviour problems. Outdated advice or methods could make your pet's behaviour worse.

Please ensure when you are searching for a trainer and behaviourist that they a member of a recognised Association that puts you dog's welfare at the forefront of their training.

Punitive methods can lead to a relationship breakdown, can make the problem worse and even create new behavioural issues.

If you would like advice or help on what you should do next please email:

[email protected]