If you are concerned about a neighbour’s dog barking, please remember that many owners are not aware that their dog barks when they are out.

If possible, tell the neighbour so that they are aware and can seek advice. 

Guernsey's Public Health law lists specific conditions that may be considered "nuisances" and which powers exist to require that they are prevented from recurring.

If a neighbour’s dog is barking constantly and the owner does nothing to prevent this happening, we recommend that you visit the States of Guernsey website for additional information and advice - please click here

If you are concerned about a dog’s welfare, for example if it isn't being provided with water, food or shelter, or it appears to be in poor condition, please contact the GSPCA on 01481 257261.

The GSPCA will only investigate a dog barking if its welfare is being compromised and its needs are not being met. 

If your own dog's barking is a problem we run Dog Training classes at the Shelter and for more details please click here.