The GSPCA regularly have Cockerels and Hens reported to Shelter as strays.

If you find a stray that is sick or injured please contain them and call us on 01481 257261 or bring them to the Shelter in St Andrews or your nearest vet for assistance. (take care when handling, please do call for advice)

We can easily help take in healthy stray Hens but unfortunately our facilities are limited for helping with Cockerels due to their nature and behaviour.

If you are able to contain the Hens or sick birds please get in touch with us on 01481 257261 or bring them up to the GSPCA Animal Shelter, but we do ask that you ask around the area to ensure that the birds aren’t owned by a neighbor. 

The reason we request that you contain the Hens or sick birds is although very entertaining to on lookers is very difficult to catch Chickens in an open space.

If you have healthy stray Cockerels that you cannot find the owner then we advise that you contact the Commerce and Employment Department for further advice.

We currently have a list of new homes for Hens but we are very rarely approached for Cockerels and if you can help with these males or would like to be added to the female bird list of potential homes please do get in touch.

Information from the States of Guernsey -

If the Cockerels are a nuisance and their ownership is indeterminate then it is possible to control them under the powers in -


Under the Control of Birds Ordinance 1985, the Department of Commerce and Employment may approve the taking of measures by humane methods to control the numbers of birds in a specified place if it believes that such action is necessary:

a)      in the interests of public health, public hygiene or public safety,

b)      to protect or preserve the amenity of the locality,

c)      to prevent damage to or contamination of any building or property, or

d)      to prevent the spread of disease to which birds are susceptible.

Please note that these measures will only be approved if a significant number of birds are present on a property and provided that they are causing a nuisance specified in the list above.

If you wish to make an application in respect of the feral chickens on your land then you will need to justify the action to be taken, and provide the following information:

·         Location (Cadastre number)

·         Number of birds to be culled.

·         Start and finish dates for proposed action.

·         Person responsible for taking action.

·         Humane method to be used.

Contact number for members of the public who may wish to retrieve their birds before action is taken.  Please note that the Department will have to publish notice of the control measures in the Guernsey Press and will also have to publish the contact number that is provided.

All applications should be forwarded to the Department for Commerce and Employment.

If you require any further information or advice then please contact them on at:

Raymond Falla House
Longue Rue
Channel Islands
GY1 6AF Tel: +44 1481 234567