The right pet for you?

Dogs make very good friends, are intelligent, faithful and fun. But they take up a lot of time and energy, are quite expensive to look after and need plenty of space. A dog is not a good choice for people who are out all day or cannot afford expensive Veterinary costs. 

What do dogs need?

  • Companionship - to be with other dogs or people and not to be left alone for too long. Dogs are social animals and get lonely. They may bark and mess in the house if they are left.
  • A balanced diet.
  • A constant supply of fresh, clean water.
  • A bed and blanket.
  • An area to exercise in.
  • To be brushed every day, especially if they have long hair.
  • Help to clean their teeth. They also need to have their teeth checked regularly by the vet.
  • Regular walks and a lead for walking near traffic or farm animals.
  • Someone to clean up after them with a pooper-scooper.
  • Never to be left in a car in warm weather, even with the window open.
  • A collar, identity tag and dog licence.
  • To be properly trained using positive training methods. Punishment creates fear. Fearful dogs may display aggressive behaviour. Seek advice from a qualified trainer.
  • To be microchipped.
  • To be neutered.
  • To be taken to a vet if they are ill.
  • Injections to prevent serious diseases.
  • Worming and regular flea treatments.
  • To be looked after when you are on holiday.

Remember - a pet needs your time and interest for the rest of its life.


Please note there is an adoption fee of £268 for GSPCA dogs. The adoption fee helps us to cover our costs, which includes neutering, microchipping, flea treatment, vaccinations, wormer and their general upkeep. Thank you