With 50 paid staff and over 800 volunteers we couldn't acheive so much and provide 24/7 care and a rescue service for over 3000 animals a year. 

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager with his dog Katie

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager with his dog Katie joined the GSPCA in August 2011 after 15 years with RSPCA.  He also has a Tibetan Terrier called Toby and two tortoise Terry and Tina.


Lorna Prince is the GSPCA Welfare Manager. After working with Battersea and over 15 years with the GSPCA she not only runs the welfare department she also heads the very successful dog training classes at the Animal Shelter.

Geoff George is the GSPCA Animal Collection Officer with over 20 years experience saving and helping animals.  He is also the Shelter's most experienced seal handler and has recently helped Born Free with dolphins.

Yvonne Chauvel is one of two Senior Animal Care Assistants and has the longest service starting over 25 years ago.  She heads the hospital unit and is an expert in hand rearing baby birds.

Anna Paint at the GSPCA

Anna Paint is also a Senior Animal Care Assistant and works primarily in the cattery but has worked in all departments.  Anna has hand reared many kittens and hoglets for the Shelter and helps tame the many feral cats we see at the GSPCA.

Terry Buckley is one of the receptionist and has been at the Shelter for more than ten years.  After working on the animal departments and a wealth of dog experience she fronts the Shelter 3 days a week,


Seb Goman joined the team in December 2015. She works mainly on kennels but has helped in all areas of the Shelter from the ambulance to reception and helps cover the Shelter 24/7 with a special skill being our Torteval Scarecrow entry.

Sue Le Goff at the GSPCA

Sue Le Goff is a Part Time Animal Care Assistant and works at the Shelter 5 mornings a week to help care for the hundreds of animals at the Shelter.  Sue loves working on the kennels and really likes black labradors.


Kevin Beausire joined the Maintenance team in 2014 and now heads the department helping ensure care for the grounds, buildings and cremation service. Kevin also helps the our Animal Ambulance service and any duties in the smooth running of the Shelter.


Michelle Champion heads up our Charity Shop but also volunteers to cover as a Night Wardnen, helps with fund raising and can often be found helping around site with the animal departments and reception.


Sarah Langlois joined the team at the GSPCA in the Autumn of 2016 and helps cover in every department.



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