For cremations we can now provide a delivery service of £15 if you would like your beloved pets ashes returned without having to come to the GSPCA.

At the GSPCA we know how much you treasure the memory of your pets when they are no longer with you.

We are a caring animal welfare organisation dedicated to providing your pet with the very best in dignity when their time finally comes to say goodbye, whilst at the same time giving you, the owner, total peace of mind.

Forward Planning
Coping with the death of a pet can be a heart-breaking experience, but sensible forward planning now can smooth away some of the emotional stress you will feel at this time. Having considered the various choices open to you can follow the options below to ensure that your pet receives the very best of care when the time comes.

When the time comes, the GSPCA are on hand to collect your pet from your home or veterinary practice. However, you may prefer to bring your pet personally to the Animal Shelter where you will always receive a warm and friendly welcome from our dedicated team.

We also operate a service where we can deliver your pets ashes for just £16.25, even if you are self isolating or shielding, please ask the team for more details.

If you would like paw prints or hair from your beloved pet please do ask for details.

Call 01481 257261 for further details.  Our caring staff can talk you through the options available. 

We know it can be extremely upsetting when the time comes so we offer a number of ways in which you can choose and pay for your pets tribute.

By phone on 01481 257261

Calling in to the Shelter

If you have a reference number and would like to pay online please quote your reference and you can make a payment via the paypal link and we will be in touch as soon as we can -

Other Pet Tributes are available in our reception area from time to time, please ask for details.


Scatter Pouch - In Memory of a beloved pet

Scatter Pouches

   Scatter Pouches are hand woven in natural bamboo; an eco-friendly and totally biodegradable container for the burial or scattering of ashes.

Scatter Pouches are available in four sizes and can be decorated with floral spray and ribbon (available separately)

Scatter Tubes (Ocean or Bluebell Scene)

Scatter tubes In Memory of a beloved pet

Scatter Tubes™ which are available in a range of beautiful designs and are suitable for interment, ashes scattering or as keepsakes. Our Scatter Tubes™ were designed with simplicity in mind, to allow an easy-to-use and attractive ashes scattering solution.

Scatter Tubes™ are created from over 90% recycled materials and are biodegradable, making them a very environmentally friendly choice.

China Urns

We have a selection of white china urns that vary slightly in design.  Mainly depending on size, they all come with the name of your beloved pet.

China Urns In Memory of a beloved pet

Wooden Casket with Engraved Brass Plate

The clean lines of these beautiful Arun Caskets give them a classic, yet contemporary, look which has made them one of our most enduringly popular pet ashes caskets.

The Arun is a beautifully made cremation urn in solid ash wood in a comprehensive selection of sizes and two finishes – Ash or Jacobean Oak.  All come with a brass plaque with the message ‘In loving memory of (and your pets name)’

Wooden Casket with Brass Plate - In Memory of a beloved petWooden Casket with Brass Plate - In Memory of a beloved pet

Catributes sleeping catSleeping Cat - In Memory of a beloved pet

Sleeping Cats™ are one of our best loved caskets. The beautiful, hand-finished carved hardwood cat figurine conceals a discreet ashes container in the base and provides the perfect resting place for your beloved cat.


Tribute Frames™
These beautifully crafted, solid wood frames discreetly conceal an ashes casket and the choice of designs make them a very versatile and attractive tribute and memorial.

There are options for single or multiple photographs – which could also be used for a combination of photos and a suitable verse.
Mini Tribute Frame™ in Oak

Mini frame - In Memory of a beloved petMini frame - In Memory of a beloved pet

Mini Tribute Frame™ – compact, freestanding or wall-hung frame

Suitable for one 7×5 inch photo in card mount (supplied)

Solid Oak wood in a light natural finish

Can be hung or stood portrait or landscape

Midi Tribute Frame™ in Oak or Walnut

Midi frame - In Memory of a beloved petMidi frame - In Memory of a beloved pet

Midi Frame – a wall-hanging frame with medium ashes capacity

Suitable for one 10×8 in photo in card mount (supplied)

Solid Oak wood in a light natural finish or Solid Pará wood in a walnut colour finish

Can be hung portrait or landscape

Maxi Tribute Frame™ in Oak

Maxi frame - In Memory of a beloved pet

Maxi Frame – a wall-hanging frame with very large ashes capacity

Suitable for one 10×8 inch and two 7×5 inch photos

Solid Oak wood in a light natural finish or Solid Pará wood in a walnut colour finish

Can be hung portrait or landscape

*Images used are a representation of the products available

Pet memorial
We are looking at ways that you can remember your beloved pet at the Shelter, please get in touch if you are interested.

 The Environment

We, at the GSPCA, take our responsibility of managing global resources seriously so source our products from Pet Tributes who do their utmost to source our products ethically and with consideration to environmental and social impacts.

The GSPCA regularly review our products and procedures in order to make improvements, such as: -

  • transporting products in ways which minimize environmental impact
  • using packaging made from recycled material wherever possible
  • insisting suppliers who source raw materials in a responsible and sustainable way
  • ensuring products are made from 100% natural biodegradable materials where possible
  • regularly visiting all manufacturers to inspect working standards and practices and offering support in production methods where necessary
  • using community based manufacturing wherever possible, such as in villages and co-operatives, rather than large factories. This, in turn, supports rural economies and reduces the environmental impact of commuting and migrant working and the consequent social impact on workers.

 Please note that we are no longer able to cremate goats or sheep unless classed as pets. Please contact the States Crematorium for further details: 246541