Although we do everything possible to make a dog and cat’s stay at the GSPCA as happy as possible some of them find it very hard adapting to kennel/cattery life. Our fostering scheme allows us to place our dogs and cats in short-term homes until permanent ones can be found. Dogs and cats that really benefit from fostering are those who may be :

  • Too stressed to settle into the busy environment and therefore cannot be assessed properly.
  • Maybe suffering from a minor medical or behavioural problem.
  • Too young to be properly socialised in the kennel/cattery environment.
  • Too old to survive a long stay at the Shelter

Being a foster carer allows you to enjoy the companionship of an animal without making a life long commitment. It is extremely rewarding but can, at times, be frustrating especially if you take on a more challenging cat or dog. Foster carers need to be patient, be able to follow behaviour and medical advice where necessary and above all else must be compassionate. We are looking for foster carers who:

  • Are at home for most of the day.
  • Have experience caring for animals.Have the patience to deal with a cat or dog’s quirks and odd habits.
  • Have the compassion to nurse a sick or injured animal back to health.
  • Are suitably realistic not to become too emotionally involved.
  • Will report back to the Shelter on the animal’s behaviour, likes and dislikes. 

We need all kinds of people and all kinds of homes so if you match the above criteria and would like more information then we’d love to hear from you. please email [email protected] or [email protected] if you would like to become a foster parent.



 How do I become a fosterer?

It is really easy. Once you have noted an interest you will be contacted to discuss becoming a foster carer in more detail. A member of staff will then carry out a home visit to ensure your home is suitable for the animals and to answer any questions you may have regarding having one of our animals in your home. 

What support will I get while I’m fostering?

You will receive 100% support every step of the way. The Shelter’s staff will always be available to answer any questions you may have and offer any advice you may need. All veterinary support will be provided by the Vetcare Centres. 

What if I already have a pet?

If you already own a pet you will not be prevented from having a foster cat or dog it may simply limit those animals you can take on. All efforts will be made to ensure that any resident animals are properly introduced to any animals you may take into your home on a fostering basis. 

What if I have young children?

If you have children under 12 the choice of animal will be restricted and sadly because of the individual attention an animal may need during fostering it is unlikely that a family with children under 6 would be successful. 

Can I choose my foster dog or cat?

No we would rather suggest which animal would be most suited to your environment and set up and which would most benefit from time as part of your family. It is important that you are  happy with any animal you take into your home and you will have every opportunity to specify what breed, age, sex of dog or cat you would be willing to take on and also what level of care you would be able to provide i.e. training and behaviour problems or medical care. 

How long would I be expected to foster a dog or cat for?

This will depend entirely on you and your foster animal, but it could range from a few days to a few months. The individual needs of the animals will be discussed with you and then you can make a decision about whether you are able to offer the care the animal needs.  

Doesn’t it upset them coming to me and then moving on to a new home?

While it may be confusing for some dogs and cats in the short term in the long term the benefits are immeasurable. You can rest assured that the animals mental and physical welfare always comes first and we would not put a cat or dog in a position that would compromise either. 

What if I find that I can’t cope?

If you feel at anytime that it really isn’t working then the GSPCA would immediately take the animal back into the Shelter


If you have any further questions then please call Lorna on 257261 or email Lorna on [email protected]