At the GSPCA we often receive calls and questions about owners not picking up after their Dogs.

Dog owners are required, by law, to control their dogs in public places and part of this responsibility is also to ensure that if your dog fouls in a public space then you should clear up and dispose of the mess immediately in an appropriate bin. 

If you wish to report the owner(s) of dogs that has not cleared their mess then the States of Guernsey website advise you do the following:     

  • Take a note of the location and the time    
  • Record a description of the person or persons who were responsible for the dog.    
  • If possible, identify the breed of dog    
  • Use the contact information provided below to report the incident.    
  • Record it if it happens again in the same location or by the same animal

Then the contact details are:

Environment Department, Sir Charles Frossard House, St Peter Port, GY1 1FH

Tel: +44 1481 717200 Fax: +44 1481 717099

Email: [email protected]

To visit the advice web page please click here

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