If you have lost or found a pet, the first call should always be to the GSPCA Animal Shelter on 01481 257261 or complete the lost animal form online as we rescue and have hundreds brought into the Shelter every year.

Please click here to complete the Online Lost Animal Form 

Calling to make a report is always the best option but you can email the details to [email protected]. If you include a full description as explained below and a picture we can upload this to our social media.

If you have found a sick or injured animal then please do call our 24 hour help line straight away on 01481 257261 or take it to your nearest vets.

Below there is a page full of details on what you can do but for a healthy stray cat you can click here to download a Paper Cat Collar to help find the owner

You could contact the police on 01481 725111 to ask if they are aware of an animal of that description being found.

Your milkman and postman may also be able to help by looking out for your pet on their rounds.

Details that are important to include in your email or on any poster or report of a lost animal are –

  • A recent clear photograph
  • The species and breed of the animal
  • The sex and if it is neutered
  • Age
  • Colour, patterns, distinguishing marks
  • Type of coat, hair length or type
  • Any unusual body features
  • Health
  • Nature and temperament
  • Any collars or items on the animal
  • If it is microchipped or tattooed
  • The name can be included, but not necessary
  • Date and place the pet was last seen

Often putting a poster together can be a little daunting but this link we have helped make a proforma for you to easily insert the information needed about your lost pet to display in the local area to help get your pet home with the help of those in the area. To download the poster please click here - http://www.gspca.org.gg/sites/default/files/lost%20poster%20to%20help%20owners.docx 

Who takes in stray dogs?

If you have lost a dog, the strays are brought to the GSPCA Animal Shelter, please remember that all dogs should have a collar and tag with contact details of the owner and the Parish letter in accordance with your annual dog license.

The GSPCA number is 01481 257261 and is manned 24 hours 7 days a week as we operate a collection service for stray dogs.

Every year the GSPCA help around 200 stray dogs find their owners.

Any dog that is found roaming without an owner in control is classed as a stray and can find itself at the GSPCA as well as placing people at risk, especially traffic.

Out of normal working hours the GSPCA report stray dogs to Guernsey Police for their information but they are held at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

Contact the Vets

Your nearest vet is also another good place to register a missing pet and the contact details for those in Guernsey are –

Isabelle Vets

Route Isabelle Surgery – 01481 723863

L’Islet Surgery – 01481 241056   

24 hour emergency service – 01481 723863

Web site – www.isabellevets.co.uk

Email - [email protected]

The Vetcare Centres

Les Eturs Veterinary Centre – 01481 257708

24 hour emergency service – 01481 252943

North Side Veterinary Centre - 01481 248464

24 hour emergency service – 01481 243883

St Martins Vetcare (Puffins) – 01481 238300

24 hour emergency service – 01481 238300

Web site - http://www.merialvetsite.com/sites/vetcare/home.html

Email - [email protected]  


Both surgeries can be contacted on 01481 239101

Web site - http://www.vets4pets.com/find-a-practice/vets4pets-guernsey/

Email – [email protected]

Helpful websites & contacts

There are a number of helpful websites and contacts that you can register your pet as missing including the GSPCA’s social media.

For the GSPCA facebook sites please go to –


and http://www.facebook.com/groups/149022375138491/?ref=ts&fref=ts

and https://www.facebook.com/pages/GSPCA/132647866814265?fref=ts

For the GSPCA twitter page please go to –


For the Isabelle Lost & Found web site –


Guernsey Animal Aid Cats often have animals taken and reported to them –

Guernsey Animal Aid Cats, Tudor Lodge Deer Farm, Forest Road, Forest, GY8 0AG

Telephone – 07781 101052


Email – [email protected]

Why Not Guernsey


You could consider putting up posters in your area with a picture of your pet, for example in newsagents and schools. However, please be aware that you may be prosecuted for fly posting, so we suggest you do not put up posters on lamp posts, telegraph poles, fences, etc.

Using the media to help

The local newspaper has a section for advertising lost pets and you could even ask local radio stations if they can make an announcement about your search.

Guernsey Press

By Post - Guernsey Press and Star, PO Box 57, Braye Road, Vale, Guernsey, GY1 3BW.

By Phone - 01481 240240

By fax - Newsroom: 01481 240235

By Fax - Advertising: 01481 240255

By Email - Newsroom – [email protected]     

By Email – Advertising – [email protected]

Island FM

Island FM, 12 Westerbrook, St. Sampsons, Guernsey, GY2 4QQ

General enquiries - Tel: 01481 242000 Fax: 01481 241120

Email – [email protected]  

Studio / On air - Tel: 01481 248888 SMS: 07781 148888

Email – [email protected]


BBC Guernsey

Main switchboard - 01481 200600

On-air/call a show - 01481 200373

Text number: 07786 200932. You will be charged at your standard message rate

By post - BBC Guernsey, Bulwer Avenue, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4LA

You can email the BBC Guernsey newsdesk or individual presenters at [email protected]


 Microchipping and tags

Be sure to get your pets microchipped in case they go missing in future.

If your pet does go missing you can notify the microchip company so that they are aware your pet is lost.

At the GSPCA we can microchip your dog or cat for only £4.99 no appointment necessary just pop in with your pet or pets between 9am and 5pm Monday to Saturday.

It is possible to microchip other species, please contact your vet for details.

It is important to ensure that your pets microchip details are kept up to date.  If you aren’t sure who to contact please call the Shelter on 01481 257261 for further advice.

It is a legal requirement for all dogs in Guernsey to have an annual license from your local Parish.  The law also requires a tag with details of the owner and Parish.  These are available at the GSPCA Animal Shelter from £5.99.

Stray Cats

The GSPCA rescue and take in over 400 stray cats every year from road traffic accidents to those that seem to have no apparent owners.

Found a stray cat?

Most cats roam over a wide area, so it may be a good idea to ask around the neighbourhood to see if anyone knows who the cat you have seen belongs to. 

If the stray cat is approachable, friendly or tame it may belong to someone. So long as it is healthy the best thing to do is try and find its owner.

If the stray cat is not friendly, it may be feral or semi-feral and these cats are able to look after themselves. So long as a feral cat is healthy, leaving it alone may be the best option, but please feel free to call the Shelter for advice. 

With friendly stray cats that no neighbours are aware of the owner and you are able to transport it safely in an appropriate container then it is worth bringing the cat to your local vets or the GSPCA to be scanned for a microchip.

If it is not possible to take the cat to a vet or the Animal Shelter but you can get close enough to put a collar on it, then download our simple GSPCA paper cat collars. Write your telephone number on the collar before putting it on the cat. 

Please take precautions when approaching the cat and fixing the collar. Do not in any circumstances risk being bitten or scratched. If the stray cat is approachable and seems friendly, fitting the collar should be a fairly simple exercise.

If you have taken all of the above steps and are unable to find the stray cat’s owner within a reasonable period of time, ie so long as you can show that all the above steps have been taken, you can then go about finding a loving new home for the cat.  

If you are unable to keep the cat, please contact the GSPCA Animal Shelter on 01481 257261 to see if they can help you rehome it.

Click here for feral cat advice.

Lost your cat?

If your cat is missing then the above contacts are a great way to advertise your lost feline but some other tips are to –

  • Ask neighbours to check their outhouses, greenhouses, sheds and vehicles
  • Check throughout your own home to ensure your cat isn’t hiding somewhere comfy, warm or got stuck
  • If you have moved recently please check with your neighbours from your previous address
  • If your cat is not neutered and is over 6 months then it is likely they may be looking for a mate so please ensure that your cat is castrated or spayed. Unneutered male cats especially can roam for miles away from your home so by neutering this can help prevent this and also prevent the spread of feline infectious diseases such as FIV and Felv

Most stray cats that are found are either brought to the GSPCA or Guernsey Animal Aid Cats so please ensure you have registered your missing cat with both organisations.

Other organisations

At the GSPCA we rescue and receive all sorts of stray animals from tortoise to rabbits, ferrets to snakes, chickens to pigs, hamsters to budgies and many more.

Here are a couple of small animal organisations in Guernsey that may also have had a report of your lost pet.

Small Animal Rescue Guernsey – 07911 739619

Sarnia Guinea Pig Rescue – 07781 122047 http://sarniaguineapigrescue.weebly.com

For any further or advice or information please contact the GSPCA Animal Shelter on 01481 257261.

Also if you have any further tips or hints that could be added to this page please call the Shelter or email [email protected]