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The adoption donations are only a contribution to the costs of (depending on species), for example, neutering, microchipping, parasite treatment, vaccinations, care and the large running costs of GSPCA Animal Shelter.

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MINIMUM ADOPTION CHARGES ARE AS FOLLOWS and if we are delivering the animal we do ask for an additional £10 transport charge:

(Correct as of 1st January 2019, additional costs may able to certain species)

Mice/Rats/Hamsters             £8.50

Chickens                                 £8.50

Ducks                           from £8.50

Birds (varied)                 from £10.50

Quail                      £10.50

Zebra Finch                      £12.50

Budgie                           £16.50

Canary                                 £16.50

Cockatiel                            £26.00

Guinea Pigs                            £30.90

Amazon Parrot                  £412.00

All guinea pigs are treated for parasites

Ferrets                                    £41.50

All ferrets are neutered & treated for parasites

Rabbits                                    £44.00

All rabbits are neutered where possible, vaccinated against myxi & treated for parasites

Cats/Kittens                            £109.00

All cats are neutered (or booked in when of age), vaccinated, treated for worms & parasites

Dogs                                        £268.00

All dogs are neutered (or booked in when of age), vaccinated, treated for worms & parasites

Gecko                                         £31

Bearded Dragon                         £36

Moroccan Eyed Lizard                £36

Musk Turtle                                  £15.50

Corn Snake                                     £36

Rat Snake                                   £36

Fish                                      From £5.50

Other species vary, please ask for details.  To provide the welfare and care for animals on site the adoption charges only cover part of the costs, please ask how you can support our work.

Below is the process from before the Coronavirus Crisis.-

The Shelter always has a large number of cats looking for new homes. In order that we may try to find the cat that best matches your home we request that you fill in an Application form. This form will give us an idea of what your home environment is like and what sort of cat you are looking for.

When rehoming a cat each individual situation / home is considered on its own merits, however there are some guidelines that must be adhered to. 

  • All applicants must complete a rehoming questionnaire - the questionnaire gives a good overview of your situation and the reason you want a cat.
  • Any behavioural problems the cat may be displaying will be discussed with you in full.
  • Similarly any health issues that you would need to be aware of will also be discussed with you in full.

 We endeavour to find out as much information as possible about the cats that become available for rehoming; however this is not always possible especially if the cat is a stray.  Each cat has a full behavioural assessment to see whether or not they are suitable to be homed with children; if they are going to be happy living with other cats or dogs, and to generally judge the type of lifestyle that will suit them best.  This enables us to find the most suitable homes possible for the cats in our care and prevent the risk of the cat being returned.  

When a cat arrives at the Shelter, a full health check is carried out by a vet from Isabelle Vets. The cat is then assessed (following its stray days if it is a stray) and put up for rehoming.  At no time do we ever withhold information, as it is not in our best interests or the cats to do so! The cat will be fully vaccinated, wormed and treated for parasites, he or she will also be micro chipped. The cat will also be neutered unless it is too young or we have been informed by a previous owner that the cat has already been spayed. In the event that we have been misinformed and one of a female cats has not been neutered and becomes pregnant we will endeavour to help with rehoming the kittens, should it be necessary. 

If you live in States or privately rented accommodation we will require a copy of your tenancy agreement or written confirmation from your landlord, stating that he/she is happy to house a cat in that property, and if permission is to be restricted specifically to one animal / cat.  

If we have a cat that is suitable for you and you would like to go ahead with the adoption the cat will be reserved pending a home check. Once the home check has been passed you will then be able to take your cat home. On collection of your cat he or she will be up to date with his or her vaccinations, wormer and flea treatment and will be neutered (where necessary) and microchipped. Our reception staff will arrange a ‘Meet and Greet’ appointment with our vet should you wish to take that up. 

We currently have a minimum cat adoption donation from £109.00.  It contributes to the care the cat has received during its stay with us (approximately £5 a day), and helps us to continue our work in caring for the animals of Guernsey.  You may, however, give more if you so wish.

All stray cats are with us a minimum of 21 days before they are available for adoption.

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Your new cat

 So what can you expect from your new cat?  If you have previously owned a cat, we can assure you that this one will be nothing like the last one!

 All cats are different and it is wrong to expect them to behave perfectly like your last one. Not all cats settle into their new home immediately.  It can take hours, weeks in some cases and months in the extreme. Your cat or kitten will benefit from a quiet introduction into your home. Ensure that all windows and doors are closed and we advise that you confine them in the house for a minimum of three weeks. If you have other animals, initially keep the cat safe in its basket and allow the others to investigate. Try not to let your new cat get too stressed. Allow the animals’ time to get to know each other under supervision.

You will continue to have our support once at home with your new cat as our main aim is that the cat you choose stays with you for the rest of his life.  So enjoy each other!

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