Some of the animals in need of homes can be seen in this page and tabs but we often have others being assessed or carrying out their stray days. Use the Animal Categories to the left to filter the types of animal that are displayed. Click on an animal picture above for more information. 


If you live in rented accommodation or States Housing you need to ensure you have written permission (to see the States Housing procedures please click here

 To see the animals looking for homes at the GSPCA Animal Shelter please click here .

The GSPCA are always trying to ensure we match up the right animal for the right home.

Animals come into the Shelter for all sorts of reasons and we have to ensure each is suited to a home that can meet its needs.

The GSPCA is a self-supporting Guernsey charity and we depend on the people of the Island for the funding needed to maintain our work for the animal welfare and rescue work that is carried out 24 hours 7 days a week.

Fill in a Questionnaire

For a Dog Adoption Application Form please click here

For a Cat Adoption Application Form please click here

For a Rabbit adoption Form please click here

For a Small Mammal Form please click here

For an Application Form for all other species please click here 

Once your form is completed please email to [email protected] or post to GSPCA, Rue des Truchots, St Andrews, Guernsey, GY6 8UD and a member of team will contact you to discuss the animals in our care and if any would be suitable

The team will then send you a video and/or pictures of those suitable or invite you into the Shelter

If there is a suitable animal we  will then arrange a home visit or set up a video call through Facetime, Facebook video messenger or Skype so we can do a virtual home visit to chat through the care and facilities/areas your new pet will have

A decision is made and we will call you to discuss the adoption paperwork and arrangements which may include a visit to the Sheltr if safe to do so.

We do have some limited pet goods on sale which can be delivered with your new pet(s)

Please return the adoption forms completed and signed by post or email

Withing a week of adoption we would really appreciate pictures/videos and an update how you and your new pet are doing

The adoption donations are only a contribution to the costs of (depending on species), for example, neutering, microchipping, parasite treatment, vaccinations, care and the large running costs of GSPCA Animal Shelter.

We can blood test Cats for FIV / FELV for an additional £30 before adoption if you are interested in having this done.

If you are adopting a Rabbit or Ferret, we neuter and microchip them if they are old enough before you collect. 

To find out more about the Dog Adoption Procedure please click here .

To find out more about the Cat Adoption Procedure please click here .

To see the animals looking for homes please go to -

For more information please call 01481 257261 or email us [email protected] .


(Correct as of 1st January 2019, additional costs may able to certain species)

Mice/Rats/Hamsters             £8.50

Chickens                                 £8.50

Ducks                           from £8.50

Birds (varied)                 from £10.50

Quail                      £10.50

Zebra Finch                      £12.50

Budgie                           £16.50

Canary                                 £16.50

Cockatiel                            £26.00

Guinea Pigs                            £30.90

Amazon Parrot                  £412.00

All guinea pigs are treated for parasites

Ferrets                                    £41.50

All ferrets are neutered & treated for parasites

Rabbits                                    £44.00

All rabbits are neutered where possible, vaccinated against myxi & treated for parasites

Cats/Kittens                            £109.00

All cats are neutered (or booked in when of age), vaccinated, treated for worms & parasites

Dogs                                        £268.00

All dogs are neutered (or booked in when of age), vaccinated, treated for worms & parasites

Gecko                                         £31

Bearded Dragon                         £36

Moroccoan Eyed Lizard                £36

Musk Turtle                                  £15.50

Corn Snake                                     £36

Rat Snake                                   £36

Fish                                      From £5.50

Other species vary, please ask for details.  To provide the welfare and care for animals on site the adoption charges only cover part of the costs, please ask how you can support our work.