Janice the beautiful ferret needs a special someone

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Beckie Bailey GSPCA Animal Care Assistant tells us about Janice the ferret “Janice is a beautiful young ferret!“

“She will be looking for her forever home very shortly.”

“She came into us as a stray, covered in ticks and thin. She was very worried when she first arrived at the shelter, which of course is understandable.”

“However, her confidence has grown SO much! She loves a cuddle and would make a perfect companion for someone!”

“If you would like to find out more information about Janice, please email us admin@gspca.org.gg or phone us on 01481 257261.”


Jemima the longest stay bunny in need of a special home

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Beckie Bailey tells us about Jemima the bunny “Jemima has spent 873 days at the shelter looking for her forever home. “

“Jemima did not have the best start in life, thats why she was brought into the shelter.”

“She was paired up with a male rabbit for sometime, they were getting on swell. Randomly the male attacked her and bite her badly on her genital area. She was rushed to the vets and had surgery. Jemima had a slow but successful recovery. Jemima is scarred physically but also mentally, she is now scared of other rabbits.”


Today is Reptile Awareness Day - many musk turtles in need of homes at the GSPCA

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Habitat loss and the threat of extinction are significant concerns in the world of reptilian life.

Reptile Day promotes awareness of all things reptilian, encouraging learning about different types of reptiles, their natural environments and ecological challenges.

At the GSPCA we rescue, reunite, rehabilitate and rehome reptiles of all descriptions and in recent years seen more reptiles come into our care than ever before.

From snakes to turtles, lizards to turtles we have a wide range in our care and in need of new homes.


Today is Feral Cat Day - Joining forces to help Sark’s feral cats

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The GSPCA Welfare Manager, Lorna Chadwick, is working closely with Sark residents, Gemma and Richard Knight, to humanely manage the Sark feral cat population using a trap, neuter, return program.

With the permission of the Sark Constable and Chief Pleas traps have been placed at key sites and are being monitored closely through out the day. Under the guidance of the States Veterinary Officer, David Chamberlain, and with the help and support of Sark shipping the cats are then being transported back to the GSPCA for assessment.


Huge thanks to Guernsey Bereavement Service helping train GSPCA team members

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Last week the GSPCA team took part in training in Pet Bereavement thanks to the Guernsey Bereavement Service.

Sadly every day of the year staff and volunteers at the GSPCA help owners of pets that have died, whether recently or in the past and it is always hard to know if you are saying the right thing.


Covid-19 and Pets and livestock guidance and importation into Guernsey and precautions at the GSPCA

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At the GSPCA we are having to work very carefully in relation to Covid-19 as our work includes stray dogs from households that are carrying out their isolation time, animals being brought into Guernsey from both the UK and further afield, not mention our work at the borders.

We are often getting questions about animals and the rules here in Guernsey, especially in relation to transporting animals into Guernsey.


Sidneys Presents New Year Las Vegas Style at the Duke of Richmond in aid of the GSPCA

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Sidneys Presents New Year Las Vegas Style at the Duke of Richmond in aid of the GSPCA on Thursday 31st December 2020.

From 6.45pm until 0045am tickets are just £58.00 per person and all ages welcome.

2 Course Meal


Entertainment – The Vinyls who will dance us out of 2020 into 2021

The Duke of Richmond are doing special room rates for those interested.

For tickets please contact Corinne Connolly via corinneconnolly@cwgsy.net or call 07911 720469


WATCH OUT for online scammers selling puppies, kittens and other animals

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The GSPCA has been made aware of possible scams of unscrupulous individuals advertising pictures of puppies for sale in attempt to deceive those looking for a new 4 legged friend.

Covid has affected the world in many ways and trying to find a new pet is more difficult now than it has been for many years.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “At the GSPCA we are extremely concerned about reports of people falsely advertising animals online to try and deceive people looking for a new pet out of their money.”


Could you 'Trick or Pet Treat' this Halloween & collect for animals at the GSPCA & safety tips

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Every year many children with parents or guardians head out at Halloween on the 31st October dressed up to celebrate the American tradition of 'Trick or Treat'.

With the growing concern of the consumption of sweets and sugar why not this Halloween raise funds for charity.

With the dark evenings it is important to ensure you follow some simple safety hints and tips, but this year could your Halloween night out help benefit the hundreds of animals in need in Guernsey. 


‘Purple Poppy Campaign’ Wear yours against your Red Poppy to remember animal victims of warfare

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The GSPCA have Purple Poppies on sale at our front desk.

Organised by Linda Laine and kindly made by Sally Johnson, Ruby Dodd, Sue Queripel, Christa Tee, Sue Haggarty and Odile Davy all adore animals and are asking the community to ‘Please wear your purple poppy alongside your red poppy’.

On sale at the GSPCA and a number of other locations for a minimum donation of £1 the proceeds will help animals in Guernsey.