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As we are all adjusting to the latest lockdown in Guernsey the GSPCA as an essential service is operating for animals in need but please do not come to the Shelter unless it is an emergency and please call us on 01481 257261 before your visit to speak to a member of the team to ensure we minimise any risks and explain our social distancing procedures in place.

The GSPCA has taken rapid steps and have continued working in a safe manner since before the start of the pandemic and we want to ensure we are here for the animals and community we serve.


Extremely sad news as Blaze the seal pup passes away

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In the early hours today the GSPCA team were devastated as Blaze the grey seal pup passed away.

Found emaciated, with a number of ailments and injuries Blaze had been receiving treatment and around the clock care.

Despite making it through the first few nights Blaze passed away early this morning.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We are extremely saddened to have to let everyone know that Blaze the grey seal pup passed away early this morning.”


Keeping Livestock, our Wardens and road users safe

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Almost every day (and night) our ambulance staff and volunteer wardens are called out to animals, especially cows, sheep and horses that have escaped from their fields and are loose on the Island’s roads putting them in grave danger.

Working at night to contain animals can be very dangerous for our volunteers who have been known to spend 2-3 hours trying to identify and locate owners and then wake them from their slumber so we can get the animals to safety.


4th seal pup rescued and in the care of the GSPCA

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Yesterday the GSPCA were called out to Port Grat to a poorly grey seal pup.

On call was GSPCA Warden Sarah Langlois who called Head of Marine Mammals Geoff George to assist to what was a young seal pup, emaciated and an injured nose.

The pup was picked up and transported to the GSPCA seal facility where she has been having around the clock care.

To donate to the seal pups and animals in our care please visit https://giving.gg/donate/event/5876/GSPCA-Coronavirus-Emergency-Appeal


Update from Mr Ronald the bunny doing well in his new home

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We love to hear how the animals are doing which were adopted from the GSPCA and we recently heard from Mr Ronald the bunny who joined a home where other bunnies ad been adopted from the GSPCA.

Lucy Langlois the new owner said “Mr Ronald has settled into his new home!”

“Please send a massive thanks to Nicole for all of her kindness and knowledge with helping us re-home bunnies.”

“They have all settled into their new home wonderfully.”

“You’re all doing an amazing job.” 

“Keep up the great work.”


Join in with GSPCA Purple Week Celebrating 148 years between 12th and 19th February

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The GSPCA was founded in 1873 and to help celebrate 148 years caring for animals in Guernsey we are asking for your help.

There are many ways you, your school, group, work place, business can help celebrate.

The GSPCA week starts Friday 12th February and celebrations will carry on until the 19th with our anniversary being Valentines Day the 14th February.


Sidneys Sponsored Events Masquerade Ball Saturday 20th March at the Duke of Richmond

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Sidneys Sponsored Events Masquerade Ball takes place on Saturday 20th March at the Duke of Richmond in aid of the GSPCA and Clic Sargent.

From 7pm until 1145pm tickets are just £48.00 per person.

2 Course Meal, with instant win raffle and bonus ball.

Entertainment – Element 6

Dress Code – Black Tie & Party Dresses

For tickets please contact Corinne Connolly via corinneconnolly@cwgsy.net or call 07911 720469


Poultry keepers encouraged to register their details with the States Vets following continued outbreaks of avian influenza in th

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Due to continued outbreaks of avian influenza ('bird flu') in the UK, the States Veterinary Officers would like to encourage all pet/commercial poultry keepers to register with them so that they can alert keepers of any disease outbreaks or any other health or welfare concerns that may arise.

Avian influenza is a viral infection of domestic poultry and other wild birds, such as migrating waterfowl. Poultry includes chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, pigeon (bred for meat), partridge, quail, guinea fowl and pheasants.


Sidneys New Year Las Vegas Style at the Duke of Richmond huge success in aid of the GSPCA

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New Years Eve Sidneys Sponsored Events held their event New Year Las Vegas Style at the Duke of Richmond in aid of the GSPCA.

A sold out room enjoyed fantastic service, food, fun and entertainment from Jack Heywood, The Vinyls and Mel and the Whole Nine Yards Casino team.

Corinne Connolly who runs Sidneys Sponsored Events said “Thank you so much to everyone that supported Sidneys Sponsored Events New Year Las Vegas Style at the Duke of Richmond in aid of the GSPCA on New Years Eve.”


Thanks to Source Recruitment festive beauties raising much needed funds for the GSPCA

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This festive season, Source Recruitment gave out some festive knitted cuties with Chocolate Oranges.

These festive little beauties went out to their lovely Temps. All were hand crafted by their very own Kat (and her knitting elves) in return for a donation to the GSPCA from Team Source.

From all of the GSPCA we are hugely grateful to Source Recruitment.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “A huge thanks to Kat and the team at Source Recruitment who donated an amazing £150 from their Warm Wishes Gifts.”