Oiled Guillemots almost ready for their trip back to the wild

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We are pleased to report that 4 of the rescued oiled guillemots found around Guernsey in January are clean from oil and have been rehabilitating on one of our pools.

Lihou, Pegasus, Bob and Rockmount who were all oiled and very poorly when they arrived at the GSPCA have all received a number of washes, treatment, medication, time in an intensive care unit, a lot of fish and have been getting use to being outside over the last few weeks.


Frank the guillemot being released back to the wild by the GSPCA in St Peter Port, Guernsey

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Today we released Frank the guillemot back to the wild.

Frank was found near the Fairy Rink in Pleinmont covered in oil on January 15th.

After a period in an intensive care unit, a number of bathes to remove the oil and ten days on our recovery pool he had an identification ring fitted and passed as fit to release.

Just after midday he was caught, boxed and transported just below Castle Cornet slipway.

GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne drove Frank to be released and on what was a calm sea let him out.


Guillemots take no time to get back to the wild in Guernsey thanks to the GSPCA

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Despite thousands of seabirds dying over the last 2 months the GSPCA can report on some good news that another 9 guillemots were successfully returned back to the wild last week.


Some feathered friends are getting excited about their big day tomorrow

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Many of the team are very excited as tomorrow the GSPCA plans to release nine guillemots back to the wild.

Recent months have been awful for tens of thousands of seabirds who have lost their lives in the Channel.


First Guillemots of 2014 released back to the wild today outside Castle Cornet from the GSPCA in Guernsey

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With all the recent sad news of the seabirds that have died around the Bailiwick recently the GSPCA are pleased to report that today 4 guillemots were successfully released back to the wild.

Alan (found at Vazon), Rachael (found at L'Eree), Chewy (found at Chouet) and Dave (found at Halfway) after 6 weeks of rehabilitation and care at the GSPCA were released below the fortification of Castle Cornet in St Peter Port.