Iris the most unseasonal grey seal pup arrives at the GSPCA after being rescued by BDMLR in Jersey

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With only a matter of weeks before Temperance the seal pup is planned to be released the GSPCA received a seal pup from Jersey in the early hours of this morning.

‘Iris’ as the grey seal pup has been named, was rescued yesterday in Jersey which is completely out of season to when grey seals are born and are rescued.


Channel Island seal pups still under intensive care at the GSPCA - see here to donate to their care

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For nearly two weeks Trevor and Temperance the Channel Island seal pups have been at the GSPCA.

Both pups are still in intensive care and receiving around the clock treatment and feeds.

Trevor at only 11.5kg from Jersey and Temperance the Guernsey seal pup rescued from Beaucette Marina at only 11kg are in an adjoining enclosure and both are currently cared for at the intensive care seal unit in the GSPCA wildlife building.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Both pups continue on rehydration fluid feed and are under heat lamps and intensive care at the GSPCA.”


Jersey and Guernsey seal pups cared for together for the first time - please donate to their care

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Today a grey seal pup rescued in Jersey on Sunday at just 11.5kg has just arrived at the GSPCA in Guernsey.

Trevor as the 2 week old pup has been named has joined Temperance of a similar age at the GSPCA seal unit in Guernsey.

Both pups are around a quarter the weight they should weigh and both very weak so are in intensive care at the GSPCA.

The Jersey pup was rescued by the local branch of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue and was discovered severely underweight at L’Etacq.


Grey Seal Pup rescued today at Beaucette Marina called Temperance the thinnest we have seen at 11kgs - donate to her care here

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This morning the GSPCA team were called out to rescue a dehydrated, thin, young seal pup from Beaucette Marina.

'Temperance' ' as the grey seal pup of just two weeks has been called is the thinnest grey seal pup on record to be rescued by the GSPCA in Guernsey.

Spotted on the headland, GSPCA Ambulance Driver and Marine Mammal Carer Geoff George attended to the scene after a call from a member of public.

With no mother in site and the poor condition of the young animal Temperance was rescued and has just arrived at the GSPCA.


Sami the seal pup improves daily but sadly Johnathan passes away after around the clock care

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The team at GSPCA although are pleased to report that Sami the grey seal pup continues to improve we sadly lost Johnathan earlier this week.

Both seal pups were rescued and transported to Guernsey by the wonderful volunteers in Jersey from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue with the very kind help from those at Blue Islands and both airport staff.


A conger eel not a baby seal but here is advice on what to do if you see a sick seal pup from the GSPCA

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Every Autumn the shores of the Bailiwick see grey seal pups being born, and the GSPCA are issuing advice today to help prepare islanders and those walking our shores.

On the weekend we were called out to what was thought to be an injured seal pup, but instead of finding a seal our Ambulance Volunteer Warden Suzy Rose was sadly faced with a dead conger eel that had been washed up.

It was reported locally in the media that we had rescued and were caring for a seal pup at the GSPCA, although this is not true as the conger eel that we were called out to had passed away.


Bonnie the grey seal pup 4 weeks on

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Nearly 4 weeks ago the GSPCA were called out to rescue an emaciated grey seal pup.

We are pleased to report that Bonnie is doing very well and is putting on weight each and every day.

Her thin body and neck is putting on that much needed fat and she is eating extremely well going through 3-4kg of fresh fish every day.

Still under weight for her age it will be at the very least 6 weeks or so before she is fit, fat and well enough to be put back in the wild.


10 days on and Bonnie the seal pup is doing better than we could have hoped

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10 days ago grey seal pup 'Bonnie' was rescued on the south coast at the base of a steep cliff.

At only 14kgs she was without doubt the sickest pup we have ever seen at the GSPCA.

The team at the GSPCA are pleased to update that she is doing well and now on solid fish and has become a very hungry lady.

After around the clock tube feeding, medications, vet treatment and a blended fresh fish feed she is now managing whole fish on her own.

Although still very early days in her rehab she appears to be putting on weight and growing in strength day by day.


Bonnie the grey seal pup a week on the road to recovery but a long way to go - could you donate to her & the 300 GSPCA animals

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Nearly a week ago a very sick and injured grey seal pup was rescued on the South coast of Guernsey.

Bonnie has she has been named is without doubt the weakest seal pup ever to be rescued by the GSPCA and the team were overjoyed that she survived the rescue and the first few days.

At only 14kg at time of rescue Bonnie was 26kg lighter than she should be for her age which was only around 2 weeks old.


Extremely sick and weak Grey Seal Pup rescued at Corbier now at the GSPCA

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On Saturday the GSPCA rescued the first sick seal pup in nearly 2 years.

After what was a fairly mild Winter last year many birds and animals have had a much harder season this year with dozens of oiled sea birds being rescued over the last few weeks.

Geoff George Animal Collection Officer was called out on Saturday to what was reported to be a seal pup at Corbier.

When Geoff arrived at the scene he was faced with a steep climb and without doubt one of the thinnest pups we have ever rescued.